Circana launches ProScores to help businesses hit greater ad precision

Alistair Leathwood, Head of Product and Solutions, APAC at Circana
Alistair Leathwood, Head of Product and Solutions, APAC at Circana

Circana, one of the leading advisor on the complexities of consumer behaviour, has launched ‘ProScores’, its highly revered consumer targeting solution, for businesses undertaking digital advertising campaigns in Australia. Circana’s ProScores offers Aussie businesses unrivalled ability to target and reach consumers with a higher propensity to buy their products.

What is the market offering of Circana’s ProScores?

Circana’s innovative ProScores solution enables Aussie firms to achieve greater precision in the execution of their marketing, eliminating inefficient spray and pray media spend.

Drawing on Circana’s shopper panel, the country’s largest shopper panel of nearly 14,000 households, combined with demographic, psychographic behavioural data dimensions and linear modelling across categories, sub categories and brands, ProScores is able to build discrete scores for product categories enabling businesses to better target FMCG shoppers.

Circana’s innovative ProScores solutions is built on a broad range of detailed and complex factors identifying consumers most likely to purchase a brand’s products. These unique audiences are packaged up and available for activation via several publishers and DSPs.

ProScores offers brands and advertisers unparalleled ability to reach the right audience to drive higher return on ad spend, increase reach and relevance by executing across a range of media channels and demand-side platforms, and preoptimising campaigns to empower media buyers and planners to activate channel, format and other buying tactics with confidence.

Why is Circana’s ProScores a game changer?

Circana, Head of Product and Solutions, APAC, Alistair Leathwood commented, “Our Circana ProScores solution has been in operation in other countries with great success for a number of years helping businesses to increase their ROI by improving the effectiveness of their media activity. Brands have experienced a sales uplift of three to four times compared to other audience targeting tactics by incorporating ProScores into their media campaigns.”

“We have partnered with top industry providers and are supported by media platforms that are able to reach the majority of consumers across Australia directly in an efficient, rapid and scalable way. Brands invest heavily in creative and innovative marketing campaigns and they need to know that when they launch them, their campaigns are going to target and reach shoppers with the greatest propensity to buy their products. ProScores offers this ability.”

“The impending cookieless world means that brands need to find new ways to target consumers and our ProScores solution is the best method to overcome the obstacle whilst respecting privacy changes. Fundamentally, ProScores targets people, not browsers.”

“Preoptimising campaigns based on past consumer purchase behaviour, which has time and time again proven to be a strong predictor of future behaviour, can lead to significant improvement in campaign performance. Targeting audiences that are most likely to buy a specific product based on past behaviour can help marketers identify the highest sales opportunities, increase brand penetration, and reduce wasted ad spend,” Leathwood added.