Change Skincare’s Trish Winchester shares lessons learnt in the business

Trish Winchester, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Change Skincare

Having spent most of her life dedicated to the mission of delivering quality skincare to women of all ages, Trish Winchester knows a thing or two about how to create a cracking product.

“As a 60 year old woman who is still very active physically and professionally, my desire to live a long fulfilled life and provide people with the ability to have great skin health at any age has motivated me to create Change Skincare,” says the founder and CEO.

Trish Winchester’s experiences in the skincare market

The first to introduce a medical-grade glycolic skincare range to Australia, Trish has witnessed the nascent skincare industry morph into the $4.2 billion behemoth that it is today.

“It takes a lot of time, research and development to create a new product,” says the veteran entrepreneur who started her passion for skincare working for Chanel and Clinique.

She keeps her eye trained on the future’s skincare requirements because “What we were using may not be the most effective in today’s time.”

Data shows consumer taste for technological advancements, better ingredients and complex formulations. Trish is well-placed to ride the trend with her unique skincare philosophy.

“To manufacture a new product takes time: 3 years for research and development, testing and then there is the packaging, labelling, and whether it is a viable business proposition.”

“The proposition with new ingredients and formulations created the time for Change.”

She is of the belief that to maintain high standards, one must always keep switching things up and to never settle. “I think the market has been quite complacent until Change came along.”

She thinks the market has been too caught up with mimicking each others’ products and ingredients rather than looking ahead. “We are always changing ingredients and formulating our products based on the latest and most effective ingredients available.”

“It’s my longevity and loyalty to the industry that allows me to be at the forefront of cutting-edge ingredients, technology and industry innovations. I am also motivated by creating a brand that uses the newest, latest and most clinically effective ingredients out there today.”

“Change is the latest Australian-owned, formulated and manufactured brand. As with anything, new technology and ingredients are constantly offering innovations and Change encompasses the latest technology in skincare and ingredients to be at the forefront all the time.”

Change Skincare plans to harness the skincare market

She expects her creations to facilitate combating many skin problems that afflict women.

“I believe it is really important to maintain our skin health and texture across all ages and stages of life. As women who juggle many hats and are busy carving their careers, we need an effective and uncomplicated skin care regime that works.”

She is still focused on finding out what works and isn’t afraid to experiment with the new.

She credits her success to her focus on research and development and says she “never ever gets complacent” about the brand. To her, the most valuable lesson about staying in the business is to always be ahead of the curve.

“See what is happening in the market – what are people looking for, how is the world changing and what can we do specifically to combat that, what can we create to give customers what they need or what we know their skin will need?

“I have been in the skincare industry for 35 years and have undeniable knowledge and expertise that I want to continue imparting with other women through my products.”

“I have just turned 60, I have great skin and there is no age limit to what you can achieve. Age should not define what you do and your limit to your success.”