Israeli-backing VC Champel Capital hosts Israeli tech event in New York

Amir Weitmann, Managing Partner at Champel Capital

Champel Capital, an ambitious and growing Israeli venture capital investment management firm, held an event in New York City discussing various Israeli early-stage tech investments.

How vital has Israel been in the global start-up revolution?

Israel has produced some of the world’s leading tech firms. According to the US-Israel Business Alliance, a record 26 Israeli-founded unicorns have their global or U.S. headquarters in New York City. Outside of Tel Aviv, New York continues to be the city with the most Israeli-founded tech unicorns in the world. All 26 tech companies are concentrated in Manhattan.

Gilad Erdan, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations and keynote speaker at the event, spoke about how Israel is a differentiated landscape for innovation and how it has transformed into one of the most robust regions for venture investing globally.

“Israel is a ‘startup nation,’ with unprecedented opportunities for investing, growing companies, and building wealth. Prosperity and capital growth is part of Israel’s DNA with abundant opportunities for innovation and wealth building,” said Ambassador Erdan.

What were the executive’s thoughts on the event?

During his presentation, Amir Weitmann, Managing Partner at Champel Capital, touched on multiple Israeli businesses that are changing the world, including food technology and traffic efficiency. Entrepreneurs Arié Benguigui and Amir Weitmann launched their venture capital company Champel Capital in 2017 and have since invested in seventeen companies.

Weitmann said, “It’s all about creating financial and social value. The funds that we invest in the Israel Venture Capital space provide many opportunities for innovation and substantial long-term impact on business and society at large. It was a pleasure to welcome Ambassador Erdan to the forum to provide his perspective on how the growth of the Israeli tech sector contributes to the prosperity and future trajectory of the investment industry.”