Centivax raises $10m seed funding to develop universal vaccine technology

Jacob Glanville, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Centivax

Centivax, a broad-spectrum vaccine platform technology company, announced $10m in seed financing in a syndicate co-led by NFX and the Global Health Investment Corporation (GHIC).

The funding will be used to initiate manufacturing of its broad-spectrum vaccine program in influenza for first-in-human clinical trials, and continue development of its vaccine platform tech in other critical areas of unmet global health need, including COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS.

How will Centivax use the funding?

Since the first vaccines were developed, humanity has been in a constant battle to keep up with evolving viruses that evade protection. The seasonal flu vaccine is sometimes only 10% effective due to the ever-mutating virus. This issue has proven costly and deadly in the fight against COVID-19, with new variants emerging on a near-monthly basis that deteriorate the effectiveness of vaccination and force vaccine developers to update their formulas.

While universal vaccines have been the goal of immunologists for decades, the technology has only recently been made possible due to breakthroughs in computational immunology, high-throughput sequencing, and vaccine research. Centivax’s technology is built on nearly ten years of research and development into the formation of antibody responses to create universal vaccines that are resilient in the face of pathogen mutation and evolution.

Centivax plans to use the new funding to scale its team and operations to bring lifesaving universal vaccines to market as soon as possible, starting with completing key pre-IND studies and initiating manufacturing to advance towards first-in-human clinical trials.

The Centivax portfolio first targets the three rapidly mutating pathogens responsible for the most infections in humans: seasonal and pandemic influenza viruses(flu), COVID-19, and HIV. The 2027 estimated markets for the first three Centivax vaccines are $11.3bn for flu, $12.4bn for COVID-19, and $0.7-13.4bn for HIV. Centivax also plans to develop vaccines for diseases affecting livestock, a 2027 market estimated to be worth more than $4.4 billion.

Centivax’s platform is designed to teach the immune system to target critical regions of viral spike proteins that the viruses are not able to mutate. The technology platform is compatible with, and IP covers, major vaccine delivery technologies including well established recombinant protein-based vaccines, VLPs, and recent mRNA platforms.

What does the funding mean to Centivax?

“The last few years have clearly shown us that the world needs broad-spectrum vaccines to fight rapidly mutating pathogens,” said Jacob Glanville, CEO and Co-Founder of Centivax.

“With the mission-aligned investment by NFX and GHIC, we initiate manufacturing of our first broad-spectrum influenza vaccine for first-in-human clinical trials while continuing development of our universal vaccine platform for other key strategic areas, including into broad-spectrum vaccines for coronaviruses and HIV,” Jacob Glanville further commented.

“The pandemic showed how deadly and costly infectious diseases can be. Centivax’s platform has the potential to eradicate infectious diseases like the flu and COVID in the same way we’ve eradicated smallpox, saving millions of lives. This alone is an easy decision to invest in this extraordinary team and tech,” explained Omri Amirav-Drory, General Partner at NFX.

“Universal vaccines represent a holy grail of the vaccine world. The ability to generate broad-spectrum immunity from one vaccine would be a paradigm shift in how we protect against critical health security threats, including pandemic influenza and coronavirus. With an extraordinary founding team and extremely unique technology, we believe Centivax is well-positioned to tackle this challenge,” said Damien Soghoian, PhD., Partner at GHIC.

To learn more about Centivax and its platform, please visit the website.