causaLens launches the world’s first operating system for decision-making

Darko Matovski, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, causaLens

causaLens, the London deep tech company and pioneer of Causal AI, announced the launch of decisionOS, the first operating system using cause-and-effect reasoning for all aspects of an enterprise’s decision-making. Causal AI is the tech that identifies the underlying web of causes, to provide vital decision-making insights that current machine learning fails to deliver.

The technology is gaining momentum rapidly, with ‘big tech’ companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Meta, Spotify, Netflix and Uber who are investing heavily in the development of Causal AI, and it was recently featured in various Gartner hype cycles.

What is the product offering of decisionOS?

decisionOS optimises business decisions by embedding Causal AI models into decision workflows at any level of a firm. Enterprise users will be able to go beyond relying on past correlations to make predictions, instead understanding cause and effect relationships to generate actionable insights that factor in business objectives and resource constraints.

For example, retailers can use the insights provided by decisionOS to decide on the best pricing for individual products while considering the prevailing business environment.

Serving as a unique one-stop system, decisionOS can integrate all an enterprise’s decision workflows, like product pricing and promotion; customer acquisition, retention and marketing spend optimization; optimising manufacturing processes; supply chain risk management, demand forecasting as well as inventory and order management; among many others.

decisionOS enables data scientists to build powerful and innovative Causal AI models and use its application building framework to create customised full stack decision-making applications for business stakeholders. In addition, decisionOS also provides businesses with capabilities to operationalize decision workflows and integrate with other enterprise systems.

What were the stakeholder thoughts on decisionOS?

Darko Matovski, causaLens Chief Executive Officer, said: “All decisions in the enterprise require a causal understanding. The best decisions are made when domain experts’ knowledge is combined with AI that truly understands cause-and-effect, and reasons like humans do. decisionOS makes it possible to evaluate different scenarios and design optimal actions for your business while providing full transparency of the decision-making process.”

Commenting on the product, Takashi Hiramatsu, Senior Manager, Murata commented: “Understanding the causal drivers behind demand is critical. decisionOS enhances our supply chain visibility and enhances our domain experts’ ability to run powerful what-if analyses.”

decisionOS will be presented, including a demo, on 16th February 4pm GMT, Sign up!