Sunday, January 29, 2023

Revolutionary international ride-share service inDrive launches in Sydney

Revolutionary global ride-sharing service inDrive has arrived in Sydney. inDrive, with more than 150 million downloads of the platform in 47 countries, is revolutionising the rideshare experience through its unique model, which allows riders and drivers to negotiate fares. Instead of manipulating prices through impersonal algorithms, often leading to unnecessary and crushing fees, the innovative inDrive brings transparency, and most importantly, fairness, through its process. Already embraced by riders and drivers alike in regions like Brisbane and Melbourne, inDrive is now offering an affordable, safe, and flexible platform for Sydney.

Lime upgrades Melbourne e-bike fleet to the industry leading Gen4 model

Lime announced that it has launched an e-bike fleet swap in Melbourne, upgrading its e-bike offering to the Gen4 model to provide its safest and most sustainable ride yet. The brand new e-bikes join the fleet of Gen4 e-scooters that Lime launched in February, meaning that every Lime vehicle in Melbourne now boasts the most cutting edge safety features available.

Esri cohorts with RB Rail AS to build sustainable rail infrastructure in EU

The 870kms of Rail Baltica are divided into several sections across each of the three Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. An ongoing electric rail infrastructure project in the region, Rail Baltica's purpose is to provide sustainable passenger and freight service between participating countries and improve rail connections between central and northern Europe.