Friday, October 7, 2022

Why your cannabis business should prioritize distribution to succeed

The legal cannabis industry has blown up since 2020, and many investors are starting to notice. Several states voted in 2020 to legalize both medical and recreational consumption of cannabis in the 2020 elections. And many players in the cannabis market understood that regardless of the outcome, 2020 was going to be a significant year for the cannabis industry.

Business complexity acelerates at a rapid pace, according to Pega study

A new global study from Pegasystems Inc.,  (NASDAQ: PEGA) on the state of business complexity found that nearly three out of four ANZ employees (71%) feel their job complexity continues to rise as customer demands increase. At the same time, employees at all levels report feeling overloaded with information, systems, and processes, making it difficult for them to adapt to these new challenges and meet their customers’ growing needs.

How to ensure data resilience while managing rising operational costs

Businesses everywhere are under severe pressure from rising costs. EOFY is the perfect opportunity for Aussie SMBs to rethink their operational expenditures. It is also the time to consider the implications of the recent Federal Budget’s focus on cybersecurity and the Government’s technology investment boost to support digital adoption by small businesses.

Global tech consultancy company Thoughtworks to expand to Vietnam

Thoughtworks, a global tech consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation, today announced plans to expand its business to Vietnam. Thoughtworks will create jobs, develop local talent and build thought leadership on digital transformation, cloud, platforms, data and AI and customer experience, product and design.

How to make digital transformation part of your company culture

Companies still adhering to the traditional way of doing business risk falling by the wayside if they don’t inject digital solutions into operations. And this was apparent during the pandemic, where businesses would almost entirely interact with their customers through digital means. Moving forward, several companies have transformed their operations to include digital processes, allowing for more efficient productivity and better customer satisfaction.

Time and flexibility is money: Rethinking today’s employee needs

The world of work as we once knew it is over. Stimulated by the pandemic, the workplace - and what we want from it - has changed entirely. The last two years have been a period of deep reflection; employees who once differentiated businesses based on their payslip and perks like a ping pong table now demand flexibility, meaning, and a firm that values their time. According to a recent report by LifeWorks, 60% of Australians say flexible work is more important than career progression. This shift in employee behaviours has created an urgent need for firms to reevaluate their value proposition to ensure they can retain quality staff.

The value of communicating in-language to global partners

Be it seeking investors, or cultivating a wider customer base, building trust through clear communication leads to more growth opportunities and higher conversion rates. In a highly connected and progressively world, the ability to communicate in multiple languages, with cultural context, is important for entrepreneurs and startups looking to grow their business.

Why every business needs web data collection to stay competitive

Data is quickly becoming a key driver for all business transformation endeavours across the globe given how much we use of it and how quickly we consume it. But this isn’t limited to data collected within an organisation, as vast volumes of data are being produced across the web and channelled into actionable insights by businesses around the world. 

Arthur D. Little promotes nine new partners across global offices

Arthur D. Little (ADL) announced the promotion of nine consultants to the rank of Partner across a number of its global offices. Each Partner has showed their commitment to ADL, passion and dedication to the industries and clients they serve, and best-in-class expertise. ADL credits a lot of its ongoing growth and success to the development, promotion and retention of its internal talent, with a recent survey on Vault acknowledging these values for setting ADL apart as an employer.

Improving respiratory health is vital in the fight against the COVID pandemic

Smoking is a lifestyle choice that many are now choosing to reduce or quit, meaning that smokers can regain better lung health. Steam therapy, for example through using WellO2 is also a recommended pathway to improving and regenerating lung health.