Thursday, August 18, 2022
Will Mercedes’ reliability bet pay off?

BusyFormula #029: Will Mercedes’ reliability bet pay off in the last races?

My money is still on Mercedes doing the double once more, and whatever the odds are, they are still just odds, not outcomes.

BusyFormula #018: Why Mercedes needs to sign George Russell for the upcoming 2022 season

And with Hamilton now signing a two-year contract that will keep him at Mercedes till 2023, the only option left for George is to unseat Valtteri Bottas in the other Mercedes.
sergio perez

BusyFormula #006: Can Sergio Perez fight for the title this season?

Sergio Perez has quickly acclimated to life at Red Bull and has driven impressively in his first six races for the team. He has finished in the points on five out of six and won the last time out in Azerbaijan. This record of consistently scoring points has put him in third behind the top two contenders for the Championship.

Tech Mahindra and Mahindra Racing partner to revolutionize experience

As part of the partnership, Tech Mahindra will leverage a dynamic and unique eRace Track Analytics platform with live analytics, wind tunnel simulations, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered systems, to develop next-generation state-of-the-art green automotive solutions.

BusyFormula #026: Here comes Formula1’s first centurion as Lewis rounds the corner on 100...

At 99 race wins, with several races to go in the calendar, few would dare to bet against Lewis Hamilton becoming Formula1’s first centurion race winner.

BusyFormula #003: Is Valtteri Bottas the unluckiest driver on the F1 grid?

Whatever the reason for the persistent bad luck, Bottas needs his luck to turn around soon, or he will have to surrender his seat to Mercedes young gun George Russell.
BusyFormula #016: Is Ferrari set for a Déjà vu come 2022?

BusyFormula #016: Is Ferrari heading for déjà vu during the 2022 season?

Sainz understands that in sport of thin margins, the slightest swing of odds in your favor is an opportunity you can’t afford to squander.

PUMA ambassador Naomi Schiff empowers girls into car racing

Racing Driver, Presenter and Stunt Driver Naomi Schiff spoke about the sacrifices and hardships of being a female professional racing driver in a “She Moves Us” video conversation for Sports company PUMA: ”I’ve had a lot of experiences in this short lifetime of mine."

BusyFormula #032: Is the Mercedes trick suspension really the silver bullet everyone seems to...

While it is true that the Mercedes cars have a unique suspension system that gives them an advantage on the straights, you would do well to ignore the pundits suggesting that such a fancy innovation this late in the season spells doom for Red Bull.

Sports streaming platform Screach secures $2m to launch internationally

The cloud-based Screach platform aggregates all live sports content available in the user’s home country into a single place. Enterprise venues such as bars, cafes, hotels and gyms access the content via the Screach smart TV app, which is already available in 157 countries.