Thursday, August 18, 2022

Flames and Kings lead the charge against sports betting advertising

The Sydney Kings and Sydney Uni Flames have joined the Reclaim the Game campaign and will reject sports betting sponsorships and advertising, in a first for Australian basketball.

BusyFormula #042: Why Mercedes might just edge the constructors’ log

We are now halfway into the season, and Mercedes sits third in the constructors’ championship log, trailing Ferrari by 66 points. And while it may seem like a long shot for Mercedes to finish ahead of Ferrari, it just might happen. Yes, Ferrari’s reliability is quite poor this season, but Red Bull is also struggling in this area. So as the title race heats up in the second half of the season, expect teams to run their engines higher and wear them faster, especially with all the upcoming power-hungry circuits.

Asics unveils Australian Olympic team uniforms for Tokyo 2020 games

The range has Australian green and gold colour schemes with Japanese origami inspired graphics highlighted throughout, to express the power and pride of the Australian team. The ASICS Tokyo 2020 uniform range includes a shirt incorporating a design by Indigenous artist and Olympian Boxer, Paul Fleming.

BusyFormula #019: Esteban Ocon conquers wet Hungaroring to take his maiden win in F1

Esteban produced a mature and composed drive in the wet that impressed even his opponents. He held his nerve as he masterfully defended against Sebastian Vettel in the Aston Martin, who stayed within two seconds of Esteban for most of the race.

Oakley moves to inspire cyclists across the globe with its bike chapter

Oakley announces the launch of its newest chapter of the “Be Who You Are” story, which showcases the 2022 Bike Collection and features narration from Team Oakley road cyclist Mark Cavendish. Within, the piece highlights the ways in which a bike is more than just two wheels, it is an enabler of human possibilities, strength, and freedom, giving the rider the power to explore infinite paths.

BusyFormula #007: Is this Sebastian Vettel’s long-awaited return to form?

After 2018 however, we did not see anything from Vettel that suggested that he still had what it took to fight for the World Championship or win a race.
Will Mercedes’ reliability bet pay off?

BusyFormula #029: Will Mercedes’ reliability bet pay off in the last races?

My money is still on Mercedes doing the double once more, and whatever the odds are, they are still just odds, not outcomes.

BusyFormula #039: Could early-season team orders cost Red Bull?

During the Spanish Grand Prix, Sergio Perez found himself in the lead on lap 31 of 66, with a shot at victory. However, on lap 47, he was told Verstappen was on a different strategy and should be let through if he’s quicker, to which he responded, “That’s very unfair, but okay.”

Peloton isn’t the Netflix of fitness – that’s why it can succeed in Australia

Peloton can succeed in Australia if it addresses three pillars essential to any subscription business.

Oakley launches powerful ‘Be Who You Are’ campaign with Julian Wilson

Oakley launched a film with professional surfer Julian Wilson in a ‘Be Who You Are’ series on her decision to step back from competing. Featuring skateboarder Andrew Brophy and photographer Jimmy Lees, the film is a glimpse into the factors that shaped Wilson’s decision to take a break from competitive surfing.