Thursday, August 18, 2022

A mindful way to curb stress and poor mental health among elite athletes

A new study from the University of South Australia is exploring the realities of elite sports and stress, finding that dispositional mindfulness – a keen awareness and attention to thoughts and feelings in the present moment – can greatly reduce and protect athletes from stress.

Has sports broadcasting and consumption changed forever?

When the first lockdown was announced in March 2020, it came with the news that we’d no longer be able to attend sporting events live. People weren’t able to attend any live sporting events for over a year. As a result, live sports became more accessible to view at home.

Consortium led by Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital buys Chelsea FC

The consortium led by Todd Boehly, chairman and CEO of Eldridge, and Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. (with its affiliates, Clearlake), announced completion of the ownership transfer of Chelsea Football Club (Chelsea FC). The consortium also includes Hansjörg Wyss, founder of the Wyss Foundation, and Mark Walter, co-founder and CEO of Guggenheim Capital.

BusyFormula #039: Could early-season team orders cost Red Bull?

During the Spanish Grand Prix, Sergio Perez found himself in the lead on lap 31 of 66, with a shot at victory. However, on lap 47, he was told Verstappen was on a different strategy and should be let through if he’s quicker, to which he responded, “That’s very unfair, but okay.”

How many calories will the average soccer fan take during the UCL Final?

SportingPedia surveyed 1,000 football fans across Europe to find out how many calories the average European football fan will consume while watching the Champions League final. The survey asked 1,000 adults what’s on their “Champions League Final Menu” and the conclusion is shocking. The replies revealed that the average person will consume 3928 calories, drinking beer and eating chicken wings, pizza, sweets, nuts, chips, and more.

Golden triangle deal to empower Asia’s sportstech ecosystem

Hong Kong-based Varcis Group, Melbourne’s Australian Sports Technology Network (ASTN) and Mumbai-based HiG Sports strike a partnership to enable APAC market access for companies across Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan.

BusyFormula #038: Is the old Ferrari returning to lose the championship?

At the start of the 2017 season’s summer break, Lewis Hamilton trailed Sebastian Vettel by 14 points. Five races later, Hamilton was ahead by 59 points and went on to win the drivers’ championship. In 2018, Hamilton was ahead going into the summer break and massively stretched the lead with four wins in the next five races. There remains heated contention over what changed the fortunes of both drivers and their respective teams so drastically.

BusyFormula #037: How strategy could foil the new regulations’ gains

How exactly had we gotten to the point where drivers were no longer willing to be that subtle about the fact that they weren’t enjoying racing at the pinnacle of motorsport? I ask because this is how I felt right before the Gasly-Norris collision during the much-hyped Miami GP.

PUMA CEO Bjørn Gulden and Juve’s Giorgio Chiellini talk about leadership

PUMA CEO Bjørn Gulden and Giorgio Chiellini, who captained the Italian national football team to success at Euro2020, talked about their careers, leadership skills and the importance of having fun, in a video interview published as part of the sports company’s annual report.

PUMA ambassador Naomi Schiff empowers girls into car racing

Racing Driver, Presenter and Stunt Driver Naomi Schiff spoke about the sacrifices and hardships of being a female professional racing driver in a “She Moves Us” video conversation for Sports company PUMA: ”I’ve had a lot of experiences in this short lifetime of mine."