Friday, June 9, 2023
Will Mercedes’ reliability bet pay off?

BusyFormula #029: Will Mercedes’ reliability bet pay off in the last races?

My money is still on Mercedes doing the double once more, and whatever the odds are, they are still just odds, not outcomes.

Victoria University research features in 2022 World Cup offside technology

Revolutionary new research developed for FIFA at Victoria University will ensure that all offside decisions made at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are accurate, quick, and clear. FIFA has aspired to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to improve professional football for decades, with electronic systems approved for goal-line technology some 10 years ago, and Video-Assisted Refereeing (VAR) a feature since the 2018 World Cup.

World Triathlon announces Corpay as its official FX payments supplier

Corpay, a FLEETCOR® brand and global firm in business payments, announced that Corpay’s Cross-Border business has entered into an agreement with World Triathlon, the worldwide governing body of international triathlon and its related multi-sports to become their Official Foreign Exchange (FX) Payments Supplier. As part of this partnership, Corpay Cross-Border has also been named an Official World Triathlon Supplier and Official Event Supplier.
Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director at The Institute of Public Affairs

Aussies want their politics off their sporting fields, Dynata polls reveal

“Sport is a defining component of the Australian way of life, where we all can play and cheer together, and the message from mainstream Australians is clear: play the ball and not the man,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.
Anne-Laure Descours, Chief Sourcing Officer at PUMA

Voices of a RE:GENERATION by PUMA shapes future of sustainability

Sports company PUMA has recently announced a new initiative that looks to evolve how the brand navigates its corporate sustainability journey by including the next generation’s insights, perspectives and recommendations. The project, known as Voices of a RE:GENERATION, will kick off with PUMA collaborating and giving a ‘seat at the table’ to four, young, environmentalist ‘voices’ from across Europe and the Unites States over a year-long period.

Formula 1 partners with Lenovo to bring its high tech to the circuit

Formula 1 and Lenovo announced today that Lenovo is an Official Partner ahead of the upcoming 2022 season. The multi-year deal will see Lenovo’s cutting-edge technology used across Formula 1’s operations as it continues to bring the highest-level of racing and entertainment to its worldwide fanbase. As global leaders in their respective fields, Formula 1 and Lenovo want to push the boundaries of what’s possible when combining sports with advanced technology.
What to look out for during the last stint of the 2021 Formula One season

BusyFormula #023: What you should look out for as the 2021 F1 season enters...

There’s no doubt that both are giving it their best by now, with Hamilton no longer willing to back out like he used to and demanding respect, while Verstappen is set in his always aggressive forward stance.

BusyFormula #042: Why Mercedes might just edge the constructors’ log

We are now halfway into the season, and Mercedes sits third in the constructors’ championship log, trailing Ferrari by 66 points. And while it may seem like a long shot for Mercedes to finish ahead of Ferrari, it just might happen. Yes, Ferrari’s reliability is quite poor this season, but Red Bull is also struggling in this area. So as the title race heats up in the second half of the season, expect teams to run their engines higher and wear them faster, especially with all the upcoming power-hungry circuits.

ARQ Group partners with Hawthorn F.C to provide upskilling to players

Digital tech services and consulting firm ARQ Group has signed partnerships with Box Hill Hawks Football Club and Hawks Netball Club, part of the legendary Hawthorn Football Club.

BusyFormula #036: How new changes are affecting intra-team battles

Last season, we saw a tense drivers’ championship that had Mercedes and Red Bull resolute in prioritizing one driver over another. Team orders were given on several occasions, and the number two drivers in both teams quickly settled into their roles. However, this season comes with changes that could make this kind of strategy much trickier to implement.