Tuesday, July 5, 2022

How retailers can leverage digital experiences to meet online presence

Shopping today is a digital-first experience for Australians. People are shopping more online than ever before. We have seen another important transformation where a person’s first instinct now is to reach for their phone or laptop and look for more details online — rather than relying on physical stores to discover new products or see what’s in stock.

Renovatio secures $20m mega expansion deal with Woolworths

Renovatio Bioscience, a success story by Dr Vincent, a respected antioxidant researcher, food scientist and clinical nutritionist, has secured a deal with Woolworths to expand its range and introduce three new products: a skincare product, Renovatio APSKIN Ultra Serum and two new Renovatio supplements, Renovatio Mental Resilience and Renovatio Skin Remedy. 

Consumers demand brand honesty: Why retailers need to cut the bullshit

Clients are tired of companies that pretend to care. Retailers need to be genuine in their altruistic claims or embrace the fact that they’re driven by profits. Time is up for retailers that attempt to convince consumers they’re in business for the greater good, when really, they’re just in it for the money. There’s nothing wrong with a business making money, of course.