Saturday, June 10, 2023

Branding is a fickle business: Here is how to stand out in a cutthroat...

Innovative brand agency, DOUBLESTAR CO is challenging the brand and identity space during a period of accelerated growth in entrepreneurship. Since the start of the pandemic, one in three Aussies (33% or about 6.61 million people) have started a business or a side hustle. The DNA of a firm, branding represents value, quality and credibility within a business - yet so many Australian businesses are not considering the entire brand world - from behaviors, to internal culture and customer experience, and how branding creates value for your business. 

BlueJeans reveals new, interactive feature updates: How can you make video work for your...

To better support cohesiveness in how we work today, at Enterprise Connect, Verizon Business recently announced several new, interactive feature updates across the BlueJeans collaboration and live streaming platform to boost video engagement. Lights, camera, action! These three words have been the hallmark of the entertainment industry for over a century. In the last few years, however, these words have taken on a new meaning in the corporate world as video has become an essential tool for organizations of all sizes looking to connect with their customers, employees, and stakeholders.
Susannah Llewellyn, Vice President of Agency Partnerships for Asia Pacific at InMobi

InMobi names Susannah Llewellyn VP of Agency Partnerships for APAC

InMobi, a provider of content, monetisation, and marketing technologies, announced that it has appointed Susannah Llewellyn as VP of Agency Partnerships for Asia Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand. Based in Singapore, she will be responsible for driving InMobi’s strategic growth with key media agency partners and holding companies in the region.
Gai Le Roy, Chief Executive Officer at IAB Australia

Privacy reform overreach restricts digital advertising and online content

IAB Australia published its response to the Attorney General’s Department’s Privacy Act Review Report 2022, expressing concerns that the proposal could severely restrict digital advertising and online publishers and platforms’ ability to provide free content and services. According to Gai Le Roy, Chief Executive Officer of IAB Australia, while the Report strikes the right balance in several areas, its proposals for digital advertising, targeting and trading in particular, are too broadly scoped and inconsistent with international approaches.

Melbourne Business School and FourthRev launch digital marketing program via Semrush Academy

An innovative program aims to narrow Australia’s digital marketing skills gap as Melbourne Business School Online partners with FourthRev to launch a Career Accelerator in digital marketing strategy and analytics. The program has been designed and delivered with Melbourne’s academics, Semrush Academy and other industry experts to combine academic rigour with real-world application to prepare marketing leaders for a data-driven future.

A great business plan: How to write one, what to include and in what...

Writing a business plan can be the most intimidating task, especially when a first-timer needs help figuring out where to start. If you're not blessed with the magic of writing, a blank page can cause you twice the worry. However, it has a pretty straightforward approach. In this article, we will look at the key elements to include in your business plan and in what order.

Calibrating your email marketing strategy: Nine mistakes to avoid

If you think email marketing is outdated and effective, you're probably doing it wrong. As unbelievable as it seems, people still read and love getting valuable emails. However, your email marketing strategy could be a hit or a miss, depending on how it is tailored. You want to avoid your email ending up in the recycle bin or being marked as spam when you spend days curating valuable content. If you're thinking of dipping your proverbial toe in the email marketing tool to grow your business, you should steer clear of these top 10 mistakes.
Raoul Wedel, Chief Executive Officer of Adthos

Adthos launches a self-service portal for AI tech generated audio adverts

Advertisers simply submit a short briefing via a self-service portal, and using AI technology, Adthos will generate the script, adding AI voices, sound effects and music, resulting in a fully AI-produced advert that’s available for immediate play-out instantly. The platform utilizes a dozen AI technologies including GPT-4, the latest language model released by OpenAI.
Dr Davide Orazi, Senior Lecturer at Monash University

Why using many emojis to substitute words can harm your chances online

Sad face news for heavy emoji users. If you want to sell something online – say some nights at your Airbnb, or your old couch on Facebook Marketplace – you might assume a heavy sprinkling of emojis will help you stand out from the pack. You may even substitute some words with emojis to save space. But the findings of a study from Monash University’s Business School shows that less is definitely more when it comes to using the cute icons.
Adele Wieser, Chair of IAB Executive Technology Council

IAB Australia names Adele Wieser the Executive Technology Council lead

IAB Australia announced that Adele Wieser, Regional MD, APAC, Index Exchange, has been appointed as the Chair of its Executive Technology Council (ETC). Additionally, Wieser, who has replaced Angus Keene, will become the ETC representative on the IAB Australia board. The IAB ETC was launched in 2017 to take full advantage of the IAB’s scale, competencies, and member base to identify and address critical issues in advertising technology innovation.