Monday, June 5, 2023
Three in four Australians' connection to local business is stronger than ever

Small Business Fandom: Three in four Australians say their connection to local business is...

The campaign is celebrating the resilience of more than two million Australian small businesses, by gifting five lucky business owners a share in $250,000 worth of outdoor billboard advertising space together with professional designed billboard creative.

Consumers want brands to help them extend life cycles and minimise waste

Eco-conscious Aussies take pride in extending the life cycle of things in the best way. The trend, coined ‘Extending Life’, comes from a report by insight agency InSites Consulting.

Shopify and Spotify forge a fruitful partnership to bolster creative arts

Shopify has announced a strategic partnership with digital audio streaming platform, Spotify. They aim to offer artists the creative freedom to expand beyond music and traditional merch to build fully realized brands, backed by the best in audio streaming and commerce.

Wired hands recruitment power to the Aussie people with $10,000 incentive

While The Wired Agency [‘Wired’] is having a record year for revenue and retention, they’re far from immune when it comes to the dire skills shortage situation facing Aussie businesses. But rather than continue with standard recruitment processes, Wired has mixed things up in a big way with the launch of ‘Recruit your mates’. Designed to remove as many barriers as possible when it comes to finding good talent, Recruit your mates takes a direct approach to recruitment by offering an incentive to anyone who recommends successful candidates.

Harnessing triggers in marketing facilitates revenue and sales growth

Business has changed. Before, it was enough to start up and let your work speak for you. Regardless of what you were selling, you counted on your customers’ recommendation.

Templafy unveils Engage, to power better performing business content

Engage follows business content like documents and presentations beyond the desktop, supporting the next phase of the business content life cycle to help enterprises improve content performance. An integral part of Templafy’s content enablement solutions, Engage supports sharing, collaboration and tracking for business content.

Award winning auctioneer offers qualities exhibited by good leaders

Steve Jobs talks about ‘innovation’ being at the core of leadership, plenty of others talk about forging paths, leading from behind, and there is generally a list of 5-10 qualities that a leader must possess such as courage, decisiveness, ambition, optimistic and being observant.

Localsearch pulls rank in search to be leading source for small businesses

Australian-based digital marketing service provider for small-and-medium-sized businesses, Localsearch, is aiming to become Australia’s number one online business directory (now digital presence service), overtaking the longstanding Yellow Pages in the next 24 months. Yellow Pages has held the number 1 spot for online business directories for over 25 years.

HypeAuditor finds that 43% of influencers never or rarely receive personalised messages from brands

HypeAuditor is an artificial intelligence analytics platform for brands regardless of size who are seeking fair, transparent, and effective influencer marketing strategies and data.The global results of its Influencer Outreach Survey provide insights into what influencers want to see from brand partners and why they would refuse to work with brands.

Aussie SMBs to adopt diverse ‘hybrid’ marketing strategies as Google and Facebook laws create...

The historic banning of news on Australian Facebook pages left businesses scrambling to deal with the sudden and unprecedented removal of content. This in the shadows of Google threatening to remove its search engine services from Australia and shortly followed by Apple now providing iOS 14 users with the option to essentially opt out of tech that removes the capabilities of targeted marketing on the iOS Facebook platform.