Monday, June 5, 2023

InfoSum integrates Google PAIR to enable advertisers and publishers to connect with first-party audiences

InfoSum, one of the leading data collaboration platforms, announced its integration with Google Display & Video 360’s PAIR to help brands and publishers more closely connect with their first-party audiences, while bringing privacy protection and end-to-end data security. Display & Video 360’s Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) enables advertisers and publishers to reconcile their first-party data without tracking people across the web.

Flybuys and InfoSum partner to power privacy-centric data collaboration

Unpacked by Flybuys, the B2B data division of Australia's favourite rewards program, is partnering with InfoSum, one of the leading data collaboration platform to grow its first-party data capabilities. The partnership will enable advertisers to securely and instantly match their first-party data against Flybuys’ first-party data in a privacy-first and cookieless manner.
Jonas Jaanimagi, Head of Tech for IAB Australia

IAB Australia launches collaboration resource for Australian marketers

IAB Australia launched a Data Collaboration Platforms Explainer to help Australian marketers, technology vendors, marketing agencies and Australian publishers understand the varied capabilities of, and responsible approaches to, data collaboration in digital advertising. Prepared by the IAB Data Council and launched at the IAB Data and Privacy Summit, the Data Collaboration Platforms Explainer covers various topics such as data clean rooms, customer data platforms, matching services, and data management platforms and includes detailed definitions, explainers, best practices, standards, and key questions to ask vendors.

12 powerful ChatGPT prompts for 12 common email marketing goals

Ready to jazz up your email marketing with the help of AI, but not sure how to charm your customers with ChatGPT prompts? Let's turn the "bland" knob down and crank up the "panache." This guide will light your way through understanding your audience, creating vivid prompts, and adding a dash of creativity.

Microsoft integrates Infobip’s SMS channels to better real-time marketing

Cloud communications platform Infobip has enhanced its alliance with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to help firms meet clients on their preferred channels and boost ROI from marketing campaigns. Microsoft has integrated Infobip's SMS channels into its platform, enabling Dynamics 365 users to send and receive text messages for real-time marketing.
Zach Kitschke, Chief Marketing Officer at Canva

Canva’s The Visual Economy Report reveals value of visual communication

Canva, a world renowned all-in-one visual communication platform, recently released The Visual Economy Report featuring actionable data from 1,600 global business leaders. It provides the most comprehensive view into how global business leaders are approaching visual communication principles internally and externally to run more efficient, sustainable teams, build stronger audience engagement, and fuel greater economic returns on their business.
Annie Brown, General Manager of UK Consulting at Brand Finance

Deloitte ranks high in the 2023 Brand Finance Commercial Services report

Deloitte has once again emerged as the most valuable Commercial Services brand after its brand value increased by 16% to $34.5 billion, according to a report from brand valuation consultancy, Brand Finance. Every year, Brand Finance puts 5,000 of the biggest brands to the test, and publishes over 100 reports, ranking brands across all sectors and countries.
Marty Roberts, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing at Brightcove

Brightcove launches QoE Analytics and Insights to improve video impact

Brightcove, a credible and trusted global streaming technology company, recently announced that it is launching Quality of Experience (QoE) Analytics and Insights which are two of their newest products to help media organisations and enterprises understand the quality of the delivery of their streaming video content as well as measure its impact on user experiences.

How to humanise your Facebook Ads for a wider targeted audience reach

One of the most sweeping changes this century has been social media, the largest of which is Facebook. With billions of users, you can’t afford to ignore Facebook as a potential source of clients but it’s all too easy to put clients off rather than attract them. The key word in “social media” is social. Old school ads that acted as info dumps just won’t play on social platforms. Your ads need to be humanised, relatable and interesting if you want them to draw clicks. 
Daniel Slotwiner, Senior Vice President of Attention at DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify hires Daniel Slotwiner to lead its Attention division expansion

DoubleVerify (DV), a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, announced the appointment of Daniel Slotwiner to Senior Vice President of Attention. In this role, Slotwiner will oversee all attention initiatives at DV including product innovation, go-to-market strategy and commercialisation activities, as well as the development of attention-based industry research and campaign performance insights and recommendations.