Friday, October 7, 2022

Co-working service provider WOTSO launches podcast studio network

Castco Media has delivered one of Australia’s first podcast studio networks, launching the network alongside co-working provider WOTSO

Zoho transforms relationships between businesses and their data

Zoho’s BI Platform brings together pre-built, visual dashboards, comprehensive data integrations, data preparation, augmented and embedded BI, security and privacy capabilities, flexible deployment models (cloud or on-premise), and scalability.
3 expense management tips for the new financial year - SAP Concur

3 expense management tips for the new financial year – SAP Concur

Simplifying expense management processes can contribute to cost savings and efficiencies, and it can also ensure that businesses remain compliant, reduce their risk of fraud, and experience fewer errors in the accounting process.

Survey reveals that soft skills are classified as critical as remote working practices settle...

Technical skills will remain important and continue to evolve however, with a significant shift toward hybrid working models, some soft skills have become nothing short of absolutely essential, such as communication and work ethic

Metlife Insurance assesses what employees want post-pandemic

A focus on health and wellbeing, and a job with purpose, is what is going to make employers stand out for the workforce of the future, say experts at MetLife’s corporate partner event.

Setting up shop? Here are 6 great tips for choosing the right office to...

Setting up an office? With the significant costs involved – rental, fit out and outgoings to name a few - this is one decision you really want to get right.

Seven things businesses can do now to recover quickly after lockdown

With significant experience in leadership and sales across the UK and Australia and having worked with many companies including customers and supplier partners, Tom has an in-depth understanding of the SME business sector and the drivers of growth and profitability.

Business leaders need to address their personalisation knowledge gap

A perfect storm of lack of education, talent, and rapid technological advances mean that many Australian businesses are several steps behind where they should be when it comes to personalisation.
68% of data available to businesses goes unleveraged - Seagate Report

68% of data available to businesses goes unleveraged – Seagate Report

The survey demonstrated that, along with other data management solutions, DataOps leads to measurably better business outcomes.
Man brewing beer, craft beer, craft brewery

Does craft beer need to cost the Earth? Here are 5 ways to improve...

Despite local beer consumption falling, industry figures show one new craft beer brewery opened every four days in Australia in 2018.