Sunday, April 2, 2023

How casinos are stepping up to the challenge of keeping up with the times

Ever since casinos have moved their businesses online, the industry has seen a huge uptake. It’s now even easier for gamers to access the games they love and for new games to be developed. Technology is constantly changing, and the online casino industry has to make sure it’s keeping up.

Australians set to reclaim fun this summer with the Swimply relaunch

More pools in more locations, that's what people across the country can expect as part of the Swimply's Australian relaunch announced. A marketplace for swimming pools, Swimply is giving Australians across the country the chance to reclaim fun this summer and escape locally with affordable access to luxurious private pools that can be rented by the hour.

5 biggest casinos in the world, and why they are so big [SPONSORED]

The casino business is undoubtedly one of the biggest recreational industries around. However, while we might enjoy visiting a casino from time to time, we barely pay any attention to the history of the business.

Nominations for the second OZ Top Dog competition now officially open

Renowned recruitment company people2people is excited to announce that in partnership with PETstock, and Drontal Australia, the OZ Top Dog competition is back for its second year in Australia. With over 500 pooches entering the competition last year, this year is set to be bigger and better across four categories, with the major prize including $1,000 thanks to PETstock. Entries will be open from today until Sunday, 18th September at

Got poker night coming up? Here are the most unexpected bluff techniques

Bluffing means being an aggressive player but doesn’t mean showing blind aggression. Players have to be careful about their next course of action.

VicHealth to use startup innovation to solve health food issues facing kids

A new partnership between VicHealth and LaunchVic, Victoria’s startup agency, will harness the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to advance the health of Victoria’s young people. Through the VicHealth X LaunchVic CivVic Challenge, aspiring founders and early stage startups are encouraged to use their skills to create a healthier future for young people. 

Local eateries hit hard as employees plan to cut lunch outings by 50%

UserTesting (NYSE: USER), a video-based human insight company, conducted a survey to study the effects of the rising costs of lunch items due to inflation, which is being called Lunchflation, on Australian employees as they plan their return to the workplace. 85% of respondents believe lunchflation to be a serious concern as prices of food items are continuing to rise. The sharp increase in the prices of popular lunch choices like sandwiches, tacos, salads, coffee, etc. has altered the preferences of Australian employees.

There’s rice at home: 4 easy rice recipes to make tastier home meals

Check any pantry, arrive at any buffet and you are likely to find rice. We love it because it is easy to cook; you can just throw it into a pan with water and boil. We also love it because it goes well with anything: rice and beans, rice and chicken, rice and fish, beef and rice, are all combos many people can relate to.

Top ten Ugandan delicacies you ought to try out before the end of 2022

Uganda is blessed with a wide range of food. From matooke to millet, potatoes to cassava and a variety of coloured vegetables. It is also blessed with an abundance of foreign food.