Friday, December 2, 2022

Virtualware joins Siemens’ JT open program to leverage JT in PLM

VIROO is a unique VR Innovation tool that simplifies the adoption of Virtual Reality technology, providing companies and institutions the ability to leverage workforce training, engineering and design review process, and customer engagement.

Snap Inc. introduces next generation spectacles built for AR creators

Each generation of Spectacles has served as a building block in our journey with the creator community, and now the new Spectacles bring imagination to life in a natural way—with our eyes looking out at the world in front of us.

GitLab acquires UnReview to expand its open DevOps platform with machine learning capabilities

By incorporating machine learning into GitLab’s open DevOps platform, we are improving the user experience by automating workflows and compressing cycle times across all stages of the DevSecOps lifecycle. We’re also building new MLOps features to empower data scientists.

Nanotechnology creates next-generation powerful battery tech

These pipe dreams could soon be a reality after researchers at Deakin University, in partnership with Australian start-up Li-S Energy Ltd, developed an innovative new lithium sulphur battery that represents a step-change in the global battery industry.’s machine learning to make synthesizing new drugs a snap

The explosion in computing resources over the last decade has made it possible for the extremely complex systems of molecular biology to be simulated in high enough fidelity to produce new drugs and other important substances.

Viral Ventures champions uniqueness and virality in events and hospitality

Sydney-based hospitality company, Viral Ventures, owners of Sydney’s famous Wonderland Bar have opened seven new venues in the past 12 months, employing over 78 local staff in the hospitality and entertainment sectors.

For a robust Shopify platform integration: CustomerVox vs Klaviyo

The DTC e-commerce space has changed how businesses attract and retain customers. Businesses have invested a lot into marketing themselves to customers, with many putting an emphasis on search engine optimization, digital content and social media platforms. As competition ramps up and customers become empowered by the abundance of options, D2C brands feel a stronger need to improve their customer experience or risk losing buyers.

Benefits of Google workspace add-ons that may change your perspective

Google Workspace comes with a custom email as part of its foundation (we all know how brands are always trying to set themselves apart from the rest). Organizations using Google Workspace also have access to Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Forms, Sheets, Docs, Slides, and many more tools.

Sports streaming platform Screach secures $2m to launch internationally

The cloud-based Screach platform aggregates all live sports content available in the user’s home country into a single place. Enterprise venues such as bars, cafes, hotels and gyms access the content via the Screach smart TV app, which is already available in 157 countries.

New community-minded social media platform AppZaloot set to revitalise local businesses in Australia

Unlike many common social media platforms that are designed to provide generalised information, AppZaloot predominantly focuses on the need for localised information surrounding the user. The platform has information on venues, places or events within a user-specified area on a map, which allows users to find photos, reviews, open times, costs, directions and more.