Friday, January 27, 2023

Learning amplification platform, Continu secures $13.5m in funding

0, a learning amplification platform has closed a $13.5 million Series A investment led by Five Elms Capital, with participation from existing investors, Reformation Partners. Continu plans to leverage the investment to expand on its vision of reimagining the future of workplace learning by scaling its product offerings and expanding its global team.

New community-minded social media platform AppZaloot set to revitalise local businesses in Australia

Unlike many common social media platforms that are designed to provide generalised information, AppZaloot predominantly focuses on the need for localised information surrounding the user. The platform has information on venues, places or events within a user-specified area on a map, which allows users to find photos, reviews, open times, costs, directions and more.

H3 Dynamics and Carbonix to build next-gen hydrogen-powered drones 

H3 Dynamics and Carbonix are partnering to begin production the first Aussie hydrogen-electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) uncrewed aircraft system (UAS). Carbonix is Australia’s leading UAV manufacturer with expertise in advanced composite manufacturing, aerostructure design and sophisticated control systems for vertical and landing capabilities.

Airwallex CEO recognised with the University of Melbourne Kernot Memorial Medal

Zhang is the first recipient from an information technology (IT) background, with the University expanding the award criteria to recognise tech innovators of the future.

Tools, not toys: Expert prediction that it’s time to put agrifood tech to the...

The World Economic Forum reported recently on a 2020 smart agriculture competition in China for strawberry production that pitted teams of successful traditional strawberry growers against teams of artificial intelligence experts. At first the teams of traditional farmers – drawing on years of experience and best practice – led the way in production efficiency.

Young female entrepreneur launches waste-free soap brand to help Aussies lead sustainable, healthy lifestyle

Given the current climate, it is more important than ever to maintain cleanliness and reduce bacteria and germs in our environment.

Credential Guard detects breached passwords to prevent takeovers

Auth0, a product unit of Okta has launched Credential Guard, a new security feature that helps firms prevent account takeover attacks by detecting and resetting stolen passwords faster. Credential Guard upgrades Auth0’s existing breached password detection with a dedicated security team and facilitates offering support with more than thirty five languages and more than two hundred countries and territories in order to reduce breach detection time.

Why using gamification in traditional education might make sense after all

Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists - in this case, education - and adding game mechanics to it to make it more engaging and fun. It's no secret that traditional education methods are failing our students. They aren't retaining information as well as they should, and they're not engaged in the learning process. We need to find a way to keep students interested in their education, and gamification may be the answer. 

Scribd brings vast audiobook library right to your Apple wrist watch

The application supports standalone streaming so users can listen to audiobooks from their library over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, without needing to be tethered to their iPhone. Audio can be streamed from the watch to connected bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Cyberhawk and Shamal Technologies to transform major capital projects

Cyberhawk has signed an agreement with Shamal Technologies to transform the way major construction projects are managed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Shamal Technologies is a geospatial company that delivers end-to-end data acquisition, visualization and analytics solutions that can reduce operational risk. The company is the first in Saudi Arabia to develop solutions that integrate artificial intelligence technology with unmanned systems.