Thursday, August 18, 2022

Why using gamification in traditional education might make sense after all

Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists - in this case, education - and adding game mechanics to it to make it more engaging and fun. It's no secret that traditional education methods are failing our students. They aren't retaining information as well as they should, and they're not engaged in the learning process. We need to find a way to keep students interested in their education, and gamification may be the answer. 

TBM Council ushers in new directors to its board on 10th anniversary

The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council, a not-for-profit firm dedicated to advancing TBM through education and collaboration between IT leaders and business partners, is celebrating 10 years of ushering in an era of transparency and communication across lines of business with TBM. The TBM Council is announcing new members to its board of directors and continued advancement of TBM by modernising the discipline.

AWS and HKSTP cohort to advance tech and innovation in Hong Kong

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) announced a collaboration, aiming to foster a robust Innovation and Tech (I&T) ecosystem in Hong Kong. AWS and HKSTP will launch programs under four key pillars to drive innovation of IT firms, startups, and researchers throughout the growth cycle – Research & Development, Technology Simulation, Co-incubation, and Talent and Culture Cultivation.

Loot set to redefine the legal parameters of social networks

Loot, founded by Dom Hoffman, who created the Vine that many of us knew and loved, is being hailed as a social network, yet Loot doesn’t look or feel like any other social networks.

How global 5G roll out will change the future of smart cities in Australia

Smart cities are here, and they are getting smarter by the day with the support of 5G. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile technology and next progression in mobile networks.

Hero Packaging’s crowdfunding to open up to everyday investors

This March eco-packaging pioneer Hero Packaging will be inviting everyday investors to buy into its company via a crowdfunding campaign on Equitise to raise funds to fuel its expansion into the US and Canada. The innovative zero-waste superstars already have a fully functional business in North America but are looking to scale up operations by expanding the local team who will oversee the next phase of growth and increase the digital footprint. 

Airwallex CEO recognised with the University of Melbourne Kernot Memorial Medal

Zhang is the first recipient from an information technology (IT) background, with the University expanding the award criteria to recognise tech innovators of the future.

The best DJI Drones for real estate photography to use in 2022 

Drones have taken real estate photography to the next level of experiential marketing. Realtors, today, are able to treat home buyers to an array of views and scenery of a property up for sale, through digital listings and social media. From creative close-ups, to dramatic walk throughs and clever bird’s eye view shots, drones provide real estate galleries with images from just about any position inside and around residential or commercial properties.

Space Machines readies for liftoff, closes SpaceX launch services deal

Space Machines Company (SMC), the Australian in-space transportation and logistics startup, announced it has secured the support of SpaceX as a launch partner to carry its Optimus Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV) to space as part of its April 2023 mission. SMC's Optimus OTV is one of the largest commercial spacecraft designed and manufactured in Australia. It is a testament to the innovation of Australia's space tech sector and the capability being built by SMC. The 2023 mission will demonstrate the 270 kg Optimus OTV’s ability to deliver in-space logistics services and will reinforce SMC’s strategy as a last-mile delivery services provider. The 2023 mission will also see SMC deploy solutions for foundation customers.

Tricentis report reveals current trends in SAP adoption and implementation

The report, backed by case studies and testimonials assesses the methods companies use for SAP business assurance, the departments responsible for SAP business assurance quality and the use of specialist service providers, as well as their future plans around it.