Friday, October 7, 2022

Transformation across Australian workplaces to become more inclusive, connected and democratic

The research found that according to employees, workplaces are more focused on inclusivity and becoming less hierarchical through using less formal communication channels.

One-third of Aussies want to remain working from home every day

The report surveyed a total of 1,000 knowledge workers across Australia about their views on various working arrangements, including remote, hybrid and on-site.

Queensland tech sector job growth to lead Australia over next five years

The projected increases show how important that digital transformation will be to the economy in coming years and the importance of ensuring we have the right mix of technology skills to serve the needs of industry and society.

Falling unemployment rate, low youth unemployment and rising job ads cause for optimism

Con Kittos, Chairman at Asuria, says: “At Asuria, we are as delighted as anyone to see youth unemployment remain low, as young people in Australia continue to seek out new opportunities as they lead the charge towards a COVID-free future.”

Linktree’s parental leave policy aiming to drive work place gender equality

Australian startup Linktree offers 18-week leave for both parents, as the company deepens parental leave offering to focus on reintegration and support for the entire parenting lifecycle.

Hub Australia expands premium offering to new Adelaide site

Well-equipped state-of-the-art amenities will include a café, kitchen, podcast studio, parents’ space and hotel-style end of trip facilities. Current members will move to the site in mid-September before an official opening to new members from October.

Fresh study from Sweden indicates major changes for office life

“The report is based on a unique study of 2,000 Swedish office workers but we are convinced that its core results are universal,” says Malin Engelbrecht, Head of Strategic Inititatives.

Disruptors Co and SIRA are making mental health recovery at work, work

Grant funding of up to $50,000 plus business and industry support and mentoring available for mentally healthy workplace innovations

Co-working service provider WOTSO launches podcast studio network

Castco Media has delivered one of Australia’s first podcast studio networks, launching the network alongside co-working provider WOTSO

Sydney startup Meetric makes ineffective meetings a thing of the past

Incubated through Antler in April 2020, Meetric has one clear goal, to help the world have better, more effective meetings.