Thursday, August 18, 2022

Coal companies can meet the challenges of a just net zero transition

As the International Energy Agency (IEA) made clear in its recent Net Zero by 2050 report, this aim will fall short without a radical decrease in the share of coal in global energy generation.

Logistics industry can make a significant environmental impact by going beyond emissions reduction

The industry must consider a lifecycle perspective to operations and products – starting from the acquisition of materials, to transportation of the product, and their end-of life-treatment.

Sydney to host first global summit on accelerating paths to zero emissions

As the global race towards zero emissions gains momentum – led by the US, China, the UK, and EU – NSW, with its ambitious net zero plan, is poised to take the lead position as Australia’s regional hub for renewables and industry climate innovation.

Cleantech to be the biggest economic growth opportunity as demand grows for zero-emissions solutions

The role of cleantech in the economic growth and recovery post COVID, and in the face of climate change, will be the focus of the third National Cleantech Conference & Exhibition (NCTCE) in 2021, with the theme, Cleantech: from disruption to transition.

G7 summit shows Australia lags on global green competitiveness

While Germany, Italy and the United States will participate in the G7 summit as global leaders in green competitiveness, Australia will attend as a ‘green laggard’, according to a new global analysis published today involving Monash University.

Businesses want greater access to clean energy and pricing flexibility

Our position at Flow Power is to ‘open the doors’ to sustainable power and pricing flexibility, so that organisations can access energy tailored to their needs and when prices are low, thereby reducing their costs. The solutions are already there.

FCM puts sustainability at core of customer offering with new global carbon offsetting programme

The South Pole partnership will allow FCM to support multinational clients in setting up a net zero solution to naturalise the carbon impact of their business travel and will make a significant difference in helping them meet their sustainability goals.

Planet Ark Environmental Foundation and Gumtree to educate Aussies on the power of the...

Gumtree and Planet Ark to empower Australians to embrace sustainable practices to benefit their environmental footprint and financial wellbeing

Purchasing pre-owned goods curbs the consumer goods industry’s environmental footprint

According to the 2020 Second Hand Economy Report, almost half of all Australians are more concerned about the impact ‘buying new’ has on the planet, up from 39% in 2019.

Aussie startup Alt Saints banks on NFTs being the new Ooshies

This range is set to expand in coming months, with the addition of an exciting kid’s cereal range – that educates kids on endangered species in a fun and engaging way, encouraging them to do their part to ensure these species don’t become extinct.