Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Horizon Power selects Macquarie to help reduce its data centre footprint

Macquarie Telecom and Macquarie Cloud Services, part of Macquarie Telecom Group, have signed a deal with Horizon Power to transition its workloads to a private cloud environment and reduce its data centre footprint. Horizon is responsible for distributing and retailing electricity to over 44,000 clients over 2.6 million sq. km in Western Australia, including to mining sites. Over the last decade, Horizon has integrated solar and wind into its operations.

Global business leaders mistrust each others’ climate claims, Inmarsat finds

Three quarters of business leaders don't believe their peers’ ESG reporting, according to a study, showing that a lack of industry trust and verifiable data is driving skepticism. Most leaders (76%) in major industries doubt their peers’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting, a study by Inmarsat, world leader in global, mobile satellite communications.
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There are 171 trillion plastics in our oceans: Where do we go from here?

After decades of big corporations producing trillions of oil-based plastics, the negative consequences of pollution caused by these products are startling and undeniable. It is now one of the most pressing environmental and public health hazards of modern times. With more than 418 million tons of plastic thought to be produced annually, our oceans, rivers, food, land, and air are overrun with pollution. That said, it is time to accelerate solutions to combat plastic pollution by activating governments, citizens, and businesses to do their part to invest in our planet- everyone accounted for, everyone accountable.
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Carbios joins the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s sustainability initiative

Carbios, a pioneer in the development and industrialization of biological technologies to reinvent the life cycle of plastics and textiles, announced its membership of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Network. Carbios shares the Foundation’s commitment to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, especially in the areas of plastics and fashion.

Earth Day 2023: How you can play your part in solving the climate crisis

2023 marks the 53rd anniversary of the modern environmental movement, commemorated annually as Earth Day. Since 1970, individuals from over 190 countries have come together every April 22nd to take action towards a greener, more equitable future for our planet. As the countdown to Earth Day 2023 continues, it is important to remember regardless of where you are or what you do, you have the power to yield real change and be a champion for Earth. To protect our planet, we must invest in it. Rallying behind this year’s theme, Invest in Our Planet, which highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources, and energy to solving the climate crisis

Majority of businesses avoid carbon offsets due to mistrust, AiDash says

The majority of businesses will struggle to meet net-zero goals without the use of carbon credits, but a lack of trust in the tool is stalling uptake and pushing corporate net-zero plans off track. This is one of the striking findings from a global survey of over 500 senior sustainability officers, commissioned by AiDash, a leading provider of vegetation management and other satellite- and AI-powered operations, maintenance, and sustainability solutions.

Brands could lose billions if they fail to manage public ESG perceptions

A first of its kind study has revealed the financial value of sustainability perceptions of the world’s biggest brands. The Brand Finance Sustainability Perceptions Index, released recently in association with the International Advertising Association at the World Economic Forum in Davos, reveals that major brands like Amazon, Tesla, Apple and Alphabet each have billions of dollars contingent on carefully managing a reputation for commitment to sustainability.

Honeywell study reveals increase in sustainability initiatives in buildings

Greater energy efficiency, better indoor air quality(IAQ) and meeting environmental, social and governance(ESG) guidelines are three objectives currently prioritized by multinational organizations as they face pressure to incorporate building operations into their sustainability plans. These are among key findings of a report released recently by Honeywell and Reuters.

UpLink and HCL fund ten projects to tackle the global freshwater crisis

Securing the global freshwater ecosystems, under increasing threat from climate change, population growth and consumer demand, has become more critical than ever. To tackle this escalating crisis, UpLink, the open innovation platform of the World Economic Forum, in partnership with global conglomerate HCL Group, has announced ten water-focused entrepreneurs who will share CHF1.75m ($1.9m) from HCL Group to scale their innovations.
Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director for SAP ANZ

Sustainability is driving profitability and competitiveness in Australia

SAP SE launched report revealing that businesses in Australia are seeing financial benefits from sustainability, but an inability to accurately measure their impact on the environment could hinder progress. The Environmental Sustainability Study of 6500+ business leaders, including 204 from Australia, is the second edition of SAP’s annual report which explores the motivations and barriers firms face as they look to boost sustainability in their companies.