Thursday, August 18, 2022

Green gambling: How do casinos contribute to saving the planet?

The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, for example, gets a significant portion of its energy from a 1.5-megawatt solar array. And the MGM Grand in Detroit has a 40,000-square-foot living roof that helps insulate the building and reduce energy use.

Xpansiv acquires APX to empower markets to scale with efficiency

Xpansiv, the premier market-infrastructure platform for global carbon and environmental commodities, completed the acquisition of APX, a player in registry infrastructure for energy and environmental markets. The acquisition brings together two innovators with the technologies and capabilities to empower markets to scale with liquidity and efficiency.

Normative raises €31m ahead of more carbon disclosure regulations

Normative, the carbon accounting engine, has raised €31m in a series B round led by Blume Equity. New investor Horizons Ventures also participated alongside returning investors Future Five and ETF Partners and 2150, who led Normative’s €10m series A round in October 2021.

Aussie’s environment needs urgent change, and it’s up to our children

With the announcement of Australia’s state of the environment report telling a story of crisis and decline in Australia’s environment, considered to be in a poor and deteriorating state, it’s now up to our kids to save the planet. How? A plucky young start up called GenUs have created a platform to engage kids in climate change - via a gamified app, at school and in the home. This is the gamification of sustainability and the democratisation of saving the planet. 

Shouta Biz takes a new-age approach to traditional corporate gift-giving

In the lead-up to Plastic-Free July, the team at fintech startup Shouta are encouraging businesses to reconsider their gift-giving practices and adopt a sustainable approach to corporate gifting. CEO and co-founder, Carly Shamgar, has seen a rise in businesses opting for sustainable corporate gifting approaches, like Shouta’s business platform, Shouta Biz.

EcoVadis secures $500m investment led by Astorg and BeyondNetZero

EcoVadis, the provider of globally trusted business sustainability ratings, has raised $500 million with plans to accelerate its vision of influencing every business decision within the organisation with sustainability intelligence, becoming a sustainability impact unicorn.

Aeromon raises €4.8m in funding to help detect and reduce emissions

Emission monitoring service and technology company Aeromon announced that it has raised €4.8 million in financing for the development and scaling of its operations. A capital loan from The Finnish Climate Fund is part of the financing package, of which €2.4 million was raised from industrial investor, Vopak Ventures, and the company’s current shareholders.

Alipay Ant Forest casts user option to aid coastal ecosystem restoration

Alipay Ant Forest, an Alipay app initiative encourageing users to make low-carbon lifestyle choices, launched an option for users to contribute to the restoration of coastal ecosystems.

Climate accountability starts with sustainability in our workplaces

Over the weekend on World Environment Day, Aussies noted a shift in the mood around the climate agenda. As we settle into a newly elected gov't with commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions more aggressively, it’s worth remembering that policies are going to take time. More importantly, they are not where our collective role in climate begins and ends. 

Climate startup Reask helps insurers price risks posed by climate change

Reask co-founder Nick Hassam is speaking at InsurTech Connect Asia in Singapore as part of an AusTrade delegation to explain how the firm uses data, tech and computing for climate catastrophe risk modelling. His return to Asia is poignant, since the last time he visited was five years ago for the 15th Conference on Catastrophe Insurance in Asia in Taipei where he met climate scientist Thomas Loridan and the idea for their climatetech startup was hatched.