Friday, October 7, 2022

WordPress economy driving more than half a trillion in global revenue

The study examined both the economic value of the WordPress ecosystem and the social impact of this ever-expanding community of open source developers, agencies and users.

New frontiers: Agricultural sector sets sights on space technologies

The Australian National University (ANU) study, Space-based technologies, opportunities for the rural sector, found that improvements to geo-location alone could benefit agriculture by $2.2 billion over a 30-year period, and satellite connectivity can add $15.6 billion to gross value of production across agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries each year.

Expert reveals solutions for the logistics sector to minimise its environmental impact

By certifying to ISO 14001, a business of any size can develop and implement policies to deliver environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices that meet international benchmarks.

The impacts of China’s COVID lockdowns on Australian agriculture

Strict lockdowns in China – as the country tries to eradicate the spread of COVID – are not only affecting its citizens, but also having flow-on impacts on trading partners, like Australia. There are four impacts of the lockdowns that are set to have ramifications for agribusiness – disruptions to freight logistics, Chinese corn plantings, dairy demand and hog pricing.
myprosperity sees record debt as Australian households handle recession

myprosperity platform sees record debt levels as Australian households navigate recession

For households, we’ve seen a significant spike in requests around assistance in financial management, retirement and estate planning, highlighting the increase in concern around financial health.

Action on climate change requires an inter connected response strategy

With the UN climate change conference COP26 in Glasgow, it’s obvious that there is consensus among many world leaders and key stakeholders that much more needs to be done.
Australia’s small businesses starting side hustles to cope with hardship

Australia’s regional small businesses starting side hustles to cope with hardship, new Zoho research...

Technology can help with rural development by enabling people to work anywhere, by leveraging the power of innovation and combining it with the influence of government we can repopulate our rural areas, tap into new talent pools and generate a wealth of economic opportunity.
Con Kittos, Executive Chairman at Asuria

Asuria welcomes latest fall in unemployment figures while warning of an impending “employment crunch”

The Government is trying to mitigate impacts of this labour shortfall through wage incentives, financial assistance to hire people with disabilities, apprenticeships and training programs.

Restructuring saved many small and medium businesses from insolvency

National research by ScotPac found that the pandemic’s impact on the small business sector was significantly softened by SMEs taking action to restructure in the past year. ScotPac’s SME Growth Index polled 1255 small businesses and found 4 in 10 had restructured while more than 1 of 4 of these SMEs that restructured averted insolvency.