Thursday, August 18, 2022

“What have we learnt from this?” The issues facing business owners as we emerge...

As we emerge into our post-COVID world, business owners should be thinking seriously about what they’ve learnt from this pandemic.

The sky is no longer the limit for Australia’s $5bn space sector, here are...

Every business will be a space business in 2030, with massive implications for Australia’s growing AU$5bn space sector, according to KPMG Australia’s new report
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“Things will never be the same again!” Australia set to permanently change post-COVID: KMPG...

The world will be a different place as it emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, with Australians’ work, life and travel permanently changed by the pandemic, according to a new report by KPMG, Our New Reality: Predictions after COVID-19.

What Aussie importers and exporters need to know about flexibility, forex and the COVID-19...

There are two critical considerations from a business continuity perspective - can your business survive the next few months; and what is the longer-term outlook?

Women’s financial progress hit hard by the early impact of COVID-19

Australian women are bearing the brunt of the initial economic impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as job cuts start to mount.

A closer look at the Reserve Bank of Australia’s response to COVID-19

To date, in an Australian context, the federal and state governments’ measures announced amount to approximately A$200 billion or 10% of GDP.
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Reasons for employee layoffs revealed: 1.2 million businesses were already struggling to stay afloat

New research has provided a clue as to why Australian businesses have had to let go of their employees so quickly after the Government-mandated shutdowns.

What you need to know about managing foreign exchange risk in times of high...

The current COVID-19 situation is introducing levels of volatility in foreign currency markets not seen since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

Payment pauses on credit repayments due to COVID-19 will not be reported as ‘missed...

Australians impacted by COVID-19 who are seeking a payment pause or deferral on their loan repayments, need not worry about the impact on their credit report, confirms consumer education website CreditSmart.

Coronavirus leads to rising cannabis demand as sales are up to 90%

"Although the coronavirus is fueling the demand for cannabis, listed corporations in the industry don't seem to be benefiting yet," said Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay.