Sunday, February 5, 2023

WorldRemit explains the scams in money transfer to beware of this year

WorldRemit, a leading global payments company, has identified the top four money transfer scams occurring in the industry in 2021 that New Zealand residents should look out for.

The cloud is imperative and APAC’s unmissable economic opportunity

A new Deloitte Asia Pacific report – The cloud imperative, and Asia Pacific’s unmissable opportunity – examines the challenges and barriers, explores opportunities and looks at case studies that examine how cloud is driving business success in difficult times.

Culture not tech, keeps teams stuck in the middle of their DevOps evolution

This year, over 2,650 IT, development, and information security professionals including 424 in Asia Pacific (APAC) took the survey, providing insight into the chasm between organisations with highly evolved DevOps practices and those whose DevOps evolution has plateaued.

5G will bring a data tsunami to Australian SMEs. Can your data management system...

SMEs are looking forward to boosting productivity that will come with 5G's increased speed and bandwidth. But how will they handle the flood of data?

Macquarie Data Centres announces new Sydney North data centre

Intellicentre 3 Super West will be designed, constructed and operated to meet the needs of corporate, government and multi-national customers and enhance New South Wales’ cyber security infrastructure and capabilities.

Cyber criminals target the rapidly expanding entertainment industry

Media and entertainment is a consumer-facing industry, so companies have to think about protecting their data and keeping users secure. Robust security measures are crucial for streaming platforms, gaming engines, consumer apps, and production itself.

CSO Group win NSW Government Contract with Macquarie Government

The deal includes a tightly integrated solution delivering a fully managed Security Monitoring Service, (Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)) that offers real-time visibility, intelligence and remediation.

Three scams Australian tax payers should be aware of this tax season

The materials and processes required for filing taxes allow cyber criminals to execute tax-related scams due to the continuing chaos around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Illumio secures $225m at $2.75 billion valuation to stop cyber disasters

Adopting Zero Trust strategies has never been more important for organisations across all industries, as the Biden Administration’s recent cybersecurity Executive Order demonstrates.

DevOps Platform GitLab 14 delivers modern DevOps in a single software

The rise of remote work and focus on digital transformation has led businesses to grapple with siloed teams and pressure to deliver secure software at extraordinary speeds to compete in the market.