Friday, October 7, 2022

Three scams Australian tax payers should be aware of this tax season

The materials and processes required for filing taxes allow cyber criminals to execute tax-related scams due to the continuing chaos around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Illumio secures $225m at $2.75 billion valuation to stop cyber disasters

Adopting Zero Trust strategies has never been more important for organisations across all industries, as the Biden Administration’s recent cybersecurity Executive Order demonstrates.

DevOps Platform GitLab 14 delivers modern DevOps in a single software

The rise of remote work and focus on digital transformation has led businesses to grapple with siloed teams and pressure to deliver secure software at extraordinary speeds to compete in the market.

Auth0 releases State of Secure Identity Report, highlighting the most pervasive threats to digital...

Inaugural report reveals insidious trends and provides mitigation strategies for security professionals

5G Networks delivers continuity for DXN modular data centres

5G Networks has partnered with DXN through 5GN Wholesale. Enables DXN to offer business continuity capabilities. Dark Fibre offers true redundancy and high availability services. IP Transit is an ultra-low latency solution that includes automatic restoration of the connection via an alternative connection for market leading service redundancy.

Verizon launches Advanced SASE solution merging SD WAN capabilities

Advanced SASE merges SD WAN capabilities with comprehensive network security services, creating a unified, cloud-delivered service model that supports digital enterprises.

Thales revolutionises IoT “out-of-the-box” connectivity to any cellular network worldwide

The solution also enables resilient device connectivity and life cycle management over the multi-year life spans of industrial solutions thereby delivering a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership for customers.

5GNetworks launches Wholesale to bolster service capability to MSPs.

We believe the combination of our fibre network and data centre connectivity will allow our wholesale partners significant flexibility and an alternative to the traditional providers.

Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report shows Cybercrime thrives in pandemic

The updated report patterns explain 95.8% of analysed breaches and 99.7% of analysed incidents over all time, and should provide customers with a better understanding of the threats that exist, and how their organisations can best avoid them.

Many businesses still have cyber security concerns in remote working one year into the...

Teams across the globe have faced huge security challenges over the last year as companies accelerated their digital transformation and cloud adoption initiatives. When migrating to multi-cloud solutions, data management can quickly spiral out of control. Organisations not only risk losing track of where their data is stored across multi-cloud environments but also fail to protect sensitive data in the cloud.