Friday, October 7, 2022

Matt Rockman founder and investor shares his crypto investment journey

Since Gemini launched in Australia in 2020, it has become the platform of choice for a growing number of high-net worth individual and retail investors, including Matt Rockman, co-founder of, Chairman of 1010 Capital and board member of Genesis Capital.

Just bought some crypto? Here are some tax things you need to know

If you’ve just dived into cryptocurrency and unsure how to approach it at tax time, Coco Hou, MD of Platinum Accounting Australia has some top tips to help put your mind at ease.

Aussie crypto enthusiasts believe inflation will be a real problem

While inflation figures in Australia have remained relatively low during the pandemic, Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the June quarter 2021 saw an increase of 0.8%, taking the 2021 increase to 3.8%. This brings the topic to the fore of our discussions about our performance.

HOFA Gallery launches a new NFT marketplace for cryptoart

0 is the latest venture by the founders of HOFA whose mission is to make contemporary art more accessible to young aspiring millennial collectors.

The Brag Media to release iconic Rolling Stone Australia cover as NFT in world...

The Brag Media is set to release a limited edition NFT of its first-ever Rolling Stone Australia cover, featuring homegrown global superstar Tones And I.

Advice from Gemini’s Jeremy Ng, one of the cryptocurrency experts in APAC

Jeremy says volatility is to be expected for a relatively new asset class. Bitcoin is still maturing, but climbing exponentially. He forecasts its value to grow tenfold in the next decade, and will therefore continue to see ups and downs in the short term.

Global pioneer carbon neutral gold ETF, GoldZero, named ESG innovation of the year

Transforming the oldest asset class in the world into a product that meets the modern investor standards is truly innovative and a leading example of the nexus of sustainability, technology, and finance.

Women aren’t indulging in leadership of digital currencies and platforms

However. only around 15% of investment in digital currencies are held by women. Tracey Plowman knows the benefits of investment in digital currencies; as an early adopter, investor and now a part of the Bamboo team.

Aussie startup Alt Saints banks on NFTs being the new Ooshies

This range is set to expand in coming months, with the addition of an exciting kid’s cereal range – that educates kids on endangered species in a fun and engaging way, encouraging them to do their part to ensure these species don’t become extinct.

Kalamint, the NFT marketplace on Tezos, announces a partnership with VR pioneers,...

Signalling the future of NFTs, this move harmoniously ties the two mammoth industries paving the way for a number of opportunities in product integrations, curated virtual galleries, fan engagements, and the ability to experience the metaverse through the highest echelon of technological advances.