Thursday, September 28, 2023

Adobe unleashes new era of creativity for its customers with the commercial release of...

Adobe has announced the commercial release of Firefly, its family of creative generative AI models, with native integration across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express and Adobe Experience Cloud – unleashing a new era of AI-enhanced creativity for its global customers. The release includes a Firefly web application, a playground for exploring AI-assisted creative expression; Firefly-powered capabilities integrated into Photoshop, Express workflows, and Illustrator; as well as Adobe GenStudio to solve Enterprise content supply chain needs.
Kerim Akgonul, Chief Product Officer at Pega

Pegasystems launches innovative solution to help unlock deeper levels of AI and automation for...

Pegasystems Inc., the world-renown provider low-code platform empowering the world’s leading enterprises to Build for Change®, has announced the general availability of Pega Infinity™ ‘23. This enhanced version of Pega’s portfolio of products offers new capabilities that help organizations get closer to becoming an autonomous enterprise by unifying AI and automation to promote self-optimization that drives maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
Razat Gaurav, Chief Executive Officer of Planview

Planview announces generative AI-powered solution to redefine strategic decision-making with smart insights

Planview, a Portfolio and Value Stream Management specialist, launched Planview Copilot—a generative AI assistant for connected work—at its customer event, Planview Accelerate™. Trained using a comprehensive data set, the solution accesses operational insights across Portfolio Management, Value Stream Management, and Agile Planning and Delivery to bolster insights and action data-driven, strategic decision-making through a conversational interface.

MSCI expands alliance with Google Cloud to accelerate generative AI solutions for the investment...

MSCI Inc., a provider of critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community, has announced the expansion of its existing partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate the development of generative AI (gen AI) solutions for the investment industry. Powered by Google Cloud’s generative AI platform Vertex AI and climate technology, including BigQuery Geospatial and Earth Engine, the solutions will help MSCI clients better manage portfolio risks and opportunities and make informed investment decisions.
Bob Titus, Chief Technology Officer at Netcracker

Netcracker announces its pioneering solution to advance generative AI adoption across the telecom industry

Netcracker Technology announced its new GenAI Telco Solution, which brings the value of generative AI (GenAI) tech to the telecom industry. With the new solution, communications service providers (CSPs) can harness their valuable telecom data and knowledge in a secure and controlled way to bring exceptional benefits to customers, partners and their businesses.
Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer at Teradata

Teradata brings Gen AI capabilities to VantageCloud Lake to democratise data access across the...

Teradata announced, a new generative AI capability for VantageCloud Lake. The new groundbreaking natural language interface is designed to allow anyone with approved access to ask questions of their company’s data and receive instant responses from VantageCloud Lake, the most comprehensive cloud analytics and data platform for artificial intelligence.
Wang Xiaohang, Vice President and Head of Financial LLM at Ant Group

Ant Group announces its financial large language model and two apps at the 2023...

Ant Group has unveiled its financial large language model (the financial LLM) at the 2023 INCLUSION·Conference on the Bund, alongside two new innovative applications powered by the financial LLM including Zhixiaobao 2.0, an intelligent financial assistant for consumers, and Zhixiaozhu 1.0, an intelligent business assistant serving financial industry professionals.
Yamini Rangan, Chief Executive Officer at HubSpot

HubSpot unveils AI-powered solutions at INBOUND 2023 to enable global sales teams connect with...

The way we buy and sell is changing. From an unpredictable economy to the AI revolution, the pressure is on businesses to adapt. As the customer platform for scaling businesses, HubSpot provides the tools needed to connect with clients and grow. In 2023, HubSpot has shipped over 200 updates for customer-facing teams across marketing, sales, and service.
Peretz Regev, Chief Product Officer at CyberArk

CyberArk creates Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence to combat cyber attackers with its AI/ML-powered...

CyberArk, the identity security company, announced details of its new Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence. Drawing upon years of utilising AI/ML technology across the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, CyberArk is expanding R&D and product development resources to advance the use of generative AI to improve security for its more than 8,000 global clients.
Florin Rotar, Chief AI Officer at Avanade

Avanade names Florin Rotar its Chief AI Officer to help customers navigate the new...

Avanade, the Microsoft solutions provider, has appointed Florin Rotar as its Chief AI Officer (CAIO). Formerly Avanade’s CTO, Florin will lead the global AI strategy and execution, helping clients accelerate their journey to become AI-first, while keeping the utmost consideration for ethical standards, privacy, and social impact. He will also be responsible for driving Avanade’s own AI transformation capitalising on the market opportunity estimated to be worth $135bn.