Thursday, September 28, 2023

Majority of consumers globally trust content created by generative AI

The majority (51%) of consumers are aware of the latest trends in generative AI and have explored the tools. Adoption of AI has been consistent across age groups and geographies, with over half of all generations, including Baby Boomers, having used the tech. This is according to Capgemini Research Institute’s report, ‘Why consumers love generative AIv’, which explores how consumers are using AI and how it could bolster society’s digital future.

Adobe unleashes new era of creativity for its customers with the commercial release of...

Adobe has announced the commercial release of Firefly, its family of creative generative AI models, with native integration across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express and Adobe Experience Cloud – unleashing a new era of AI-enhanced creativity for its global customers. The release includes a Firefly web application, a playground for exploring AI-assisted creative expression; Firefly-powered capabilities integrated into Photoshop, Express workflows, and Illustrator; as well as Adobe GenStudio to solve Enterprise content supply chain needs.

Sia Partners launches new solution leveraging generative AI to enable clients expedite consulting workflows

Sia Partners unveiled, SiaGPT, its groundbreaking evolution in their augmented consulting capabilities solution poised to transform the industry. Designed to expedite consulting workflows, the innovative SiaGPT solution harnesses the power of a cutting-edge information extractor, and prompt engine, operating seamlessly across vast volumes of documents.
Dayle Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at SnapLogic

SnapLogic unveils its 2023 Integreat Tour featuring top industry experts led by San Francisco...

SnapLogic, the generative integration firm, announced the 2023 Integreat Tour, the second annual in-person global conference series dedicated to “Prompting the Future with Generative Integration.” The tour will include two stops – San Francisco on Oct. 3 and London on Nov. 2. This year’s in-person Integreat Tour will host enterprise IT executives, data and application leaders, and integration practitioners from a broad range of industries alongside SnapLogic customers and partners to learn about innovative solutions and gain actionable advice from industry leaders using generative integration to shrink their information technology backlog.

Marketers look to Gen AI as customer expectations increase in Australia and New Zealand,...

Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) brands will lead the next wave of global customer experience innovation as consumers become aware of new technologies and more deeply explore virtual and immersive environments, according to new research from Adobe. To help fuel this experience transformation, marketers and consumers alike are eager to embrace AI, especially generative AI. The global survey of 13,000 consumers and 4,250 marketing and customer experience experts outlines the broad impact of breakthrough tech on consumers and businesses, highlighting frontiers for living, working and shopping online.
Ali Ghodsi, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Databricks

Data and AI firm Databricks raises over $500 million in Series I funding

Databricks, the Data and AI company, announced its Series I funding, raising over $500m. This funding values the company at $43 billion and establishes the price per share at $73.50. The series is led by funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates which is joined by existing investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Baillie Gifford, ClearBridge Investments, funds and accounts managed by Counterpoint Global (Morgan Stanley), Fidelity Management & Research Company, Franklin Templeton, GIC, Octahedron Capital and Tiger Global along with new investors Capital One Ventures, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and NVIDIA. 
Hillary Ashton, Chief Product Officer at Teradata

Teradata brings Gen AI capabilities to VantageCloud Lake to democratise data access across the...

Teradata announced, a new generative AI capability for VantageCloud Lake. The new groundbreaking natural language interface is designed to allow anyone with approved access to ask questions of their company’s data and receive instant responses from VantageCloud Lake, the most comprehensive cloud analytics and data platform for artificial intelligence.
Mike Mason, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks launches accelerator to enable global enterprises to bolster their business operations with Gen...

Thoughtworks, a world-renown technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering, has announced product accelerators aimed to help global organisations identify near-term opportunity areas and projects to apply generative artificial Intelligence (AI). Organisations that meet customers’ needs by investing in innovation and preparing for constant change outperform their peers in good times and bad. The effects are multiplied during unstable times where there are shifts in the competitive hierarchy in the industry.

Lunit taps Thales’ solution to bolster AI-based cancer diagnostic software

Thales, a Software Monetization and Licensing firm, is partnering with Lunit, an AI-powered cancer diagnostics and therapeutics firm, to bolster the profitability of its software, protect core tech, and enhance back-office software automation. Thales’ Sentinel platform provides services optimized for AI software based on flexible systems and client-friendly interfaces.
Hans de Visser, Chief Product Officer at Mendix

Mendix adds new AI/ML capabilities to its enterprise low-code platform

Mendix, a Siemens business and modern enterprise app development solutions provider, outlined new and robust AI/ML capabilities, including innovative context-aware AI developer tools. The new AI and Machine Learning enhancements reinforce the status of Mendix’s low-code platform as the de facto standard for building smart business applications and solutions.