Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Eugene Kaspersky launches a new accelerator to help tourism startups

Eugene Kaspersky launches a new accelerator to help tourism startups

He wishes it will help them find investors for their projects to become a reality, and thus will boost the tourism industry.
Packform wins two Stevie Awards for Most Innovative Startup of the year

Packform wins two Stevie Awards for Most Innovative Startup of the Year

An award for innovation should come as no surprise as innovation itself forms the bedrock of the Packform solution.
Cake Equity partners Wholesale Investor to transform startup ecosystem

Digital platform Cake Equity partners with Wholesale Investor to transform startup ecosystem

Our sole mission at Cake is to revolutionise and streamline this process to save time and money for our passionate founders.
7-year-old spurs launch of Tinkle Co eco-toothbrush subscription

7-year-old spurs launch of the Tinkle Co eco-toothbrush subscription

Unlike other sustainable toothbrushes on the market, Tinkle Co brushes are designed with a flat base, allowing them to stand on their own, keeping them clean and dry longer.
Melbourne startup ecosystem exceeds predictions, valued at $4.8 Billion

Melbourne’s startup ecosystem exceeds growth predictions, valued at US$4.8 Billion

In 2018, Start Genome predicted the Melbourne ecosystem would be worth over $4 billion in a few years but it has achieved this in just two years.
ASX-backed tech startup WINEDEPOT opens National Distribution Centre

ASX-backed technology startup WINEDEPOT launches National Distribution Centre

Not only will it make WINEDEPOT’s Smart Logistics Solution be more appealing to NSW and Victorian producers but also provide an important resource to support the Direct-to-Trade Marketplace when it goes live later this year.
All-Aussie cocktails – delivered to your doorstep by The Cocktail Shop

Raise your glass to all-Aussie cocktails – delivered to your doorstep

“Every alcohol and drink product in my cocktail kits are sourced in Australia,” Mel says.
Workit Spaces Productions presents Covid Reality - Australia's first coworking online series

Workit Spaces Productions presents COVID Reality – Australia’s first coworking online series

COVID Reality hopes to educate the Australian people on what small business is facing right now as well as reaching out to our politicians to help produce more appropriate stimulus packages and policies.
LaunchVic unveils latest CivVic challenges for Victorian startups

Victoria’s early-stage startup sector worth $4.6 billion in 2019 – representing almost 19,000 jobs

Deloitte Access Economics found the Victorian startup ecosystem had the potential to add on average an additional 15,000 jobs each year to the broader Victorian economy over the next 20 years.
Peer-to-Peer knowledge platform provides business opportunities for Australian consultants

This peer-to-peer knowledge platform that provides business opportunities for Aussie consultants is going global

This platform is also an excellent tool for providing your consultation and coaching online, as it seamlessly integrates selection, booking, scheduling, high-quality video and payment functions all in one app.