Monday, January 17, 2022

BusyFormula #019: Esteban Ocon conquers wet Hungaroring to take his maiden win in F1

Esteban produced a mature and composed drive in the wet that impressed even his opponents. He held his nerve as he masterfully defended against Sebastian Vettel in the Aston Martin, who stayed within two seconds of Esteban for most of the race.

Oakley launches ‘Be Who You Are’ film narrated by Action Bronson

The stirring brand anthem highlights sporting superstars Oksana Masters, Patrick Mahomes, Francisco Lindor, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot and Nigel Sylvester alongside everyday athletes and is narrated by chef and celebrated rapper turned media-mogul, Action Bronson.

Foodservice tech Grub Lab scores a try with latest NRL collaboration

Grub Lab, a brand that commercially develops interactive children’s Augmented Reality (AR) packs for the foodservice industry, further tailors to the needs of the tech-savvy kids.

BusyFormula #018: Why Mercedes needs to sign George Russell for the upcoming 2022 season

And with Hamilton now signing a two-year contract that will keep him at Mercedes till 2023, the only option left for George is to unseat Valtteri Bottas in the other Mercedes.

Global sailing apparel brand, Zhik to supply the Australian Olympic team

Zhik has official supplier links with the Australian, Danish, British, Singapore and New Zealand Sailing Teams as well as with numerous medal-winning team sailors like Australia’s Tom Slingsby, Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen, Matt Belcher and Will Ryan and Tom Burton.

BusyFormula #017: Stewards reject Red Bull’s petition to review Hamilton’s Silverstone penalty

Now that the petition to review has been rejected, I hope that the crazy circus that has surrounded that incident since the British Grand Prix can all be put to rest, and we can go back to racing.

Peloton isn’t the Netflix of fitness – that’s why it can succeed in Australia

Peloton can succeed in Australia if it addresses three pillars essential to any subscription business.
BusyFormula #016: Is Ferrari set for a Déjà vu come 2022?

BusyFormula #016: Is Ferrari heading for déjà vu during the 2022 season?

Sainz understands that in sport of thin margins, the slightest swing of odds in your favor is an opportunity you can’t afford to squander.

BusyFormula #015: The Lewis and Max crash was a racing incident

Max didn't want to give up the lead, so he cut across Lewis, hoping that he would back out of it, but he didn't. In my books, that cannot be anything more than a racing incident. Red Bull is more upset about losing their advantage in the championship than they are about the specifics of the incident.

BusyFormula #014: Have the gloves finally come off in the battle for the championship?

No one wants to take the risk of banging wheels with Max because he won't hesitate to make a risky and aggressive move that could end badly for everyone involved. As a result, even the seven-time World Champion is wary of racing him.