Thursday, September 23, 2021
BusyFormula #021: Will the return of the prancing horse end in a 3rd place

BusyFormula #022: Will the prancing horse manage to steal 3rd place?

The team that many had come to know for being good at fumbling with race strategy during the race seems to be tightening the operational side of things.
Is the budget cap hurting Mercedes more than they are letting on (Part 2 of 2) image 1

BusyFormula #010: Is the budget cap hurting Mercedes more than they are letting on?...

Mercedes had no problem maintaining this staff size in 2019 with a budget of $484 million. However, that size is all but sustainable under the new budget cap. I imagine this means that Mercedes has had to lay off a lot of team members that have been there for a long time.
BusyFormula #016: Is Ferrari set for a Déjà vu come 2022?

BusyFormula #016: Is Ferrari heading for déjà vu during the 2022 season?

Sainz understands that in sport of thin margins, the slightest swing of odds in your favor is an opportunity you can’t afford to squander.

BusyFormula #003: Is Valtteri Bottas the unluckiest driver on the F1 grid?

Whatever the reason for the persistent bad luck, Bottas needs his luck to turn around soon, or he will have to surrender his seat to Mercedes young gun George Russell.

My LADS kicks off to become a global leader in AR sports engagement

My LADS, a global leader in augmented reality sports engagement has ​signed with some of the most known international football teams on the planet.
Lewis overtakes Max

BusyFormula #011: The one that got away from Red Bull

Mercedes is going to do another double world championship, and it’s going to be the one that’ll have many people salty and cursing with a whole lot of suck-teeth.

Oakley launches ‘Be Who You Are’ film narrated by Action Bronson

The stirring brand anthem highlights sporting superstars Oksana Masters, Patrick Mahomes, Francisco Lindor, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot and Nigel Sylvester alongside everyday athletes and is narrated by chef and celebrated rapper turned media-mogul, Action Bronson.
max verstappen

BusyFormula #004: Is Verstappen the next Formula1 World Champion?

In addition to his exciting driving style and brazen persona, Max has a quality that is consistent with every world champion in F1 and every winner in life as well. He takes the opportunities that are given to him.
What to look out for during the last stint of the 2021 Formula One season

BusyFormula #023: What you should look out for as the 2021 F1 season enters...

There’s no doubt that both are giving it their best by now, with Hamilton no longer willing to back out like he used to and demanding respect, while Verstappen is set in his always aggressive forward stance.

Australian Olympic team’s official website builder partner is GoDaddy

GoDaddy and Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) team up as the supporters of big dreams to inspire entrepreneurs and athletes across Australia