Saturday, January 22, 2022

Affyn, a Metaverse rising star to develop Play-to-Earn mobile game

Singapore startup Affyn, a blockchain Metaverse project, is developing a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn mobile game with integrated geolocation and augmented reality (AR) capability.

BusyFormula #034: Is win no. 101 the best drive of Hamilton’s F1 career?

I have to say, in the 14 years that I have watched Hamilton race in F1, there are very few drives of his or any other driver that can compare to what he did in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Western Bulldogs re-signs CoinSpot as a partner for a multi-year deal

The Western Bulldogs are delighted to announce a two-year partnership extension with Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, CoinSpot.

BusyFormula #033: Is Red Bull losing the grip it has maintained on the 2021...

Despite the Red Bull being the faster car for most of the season, it appears the tide has turned in the recent races. The Mercedes car was outright faster than the Red Bull in Russia and Turkey, where Hamilton and Bottas both took wins respectively

BusyFormula #032: Is the Mercedes trick suspension really the silver bullet everyone seems to...

While it is true that the Mercedes cars have a unique suspension system that gives them an advantage on the straights, you would do well to ignore the pundits suggesting that such a fancy innovation this late in the season spells doom for Red Bull.

BusyFormula #031: Will we ever see a female driver get behind an F1 wheel...

For the longest time, several sports have been promoting the women’s game at the highest level. However, when it comes to the pinnacle of motorsport, chances for women competitors have been few and far between.

Hyperice evolves into a global holistic high performance wellness brand

Over the last ten years, Hyperice has worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of innovation to help better serve athletes everywhere. The company announced a new stage of global growth as the company evolves into a holistic high-performance wellness brand.

BusyFormula #030: The thrilling yet terrifying reality of wet F1 races

It wasn’t so long ago that Formula One fans craved a wet race and the excitement that comes along with it. After all, the...
Will Mercedes’ reliability bet pay off?

BusyFormula #029: Will Mercedes’ reliability bet pay off in the last races?

My money is still on Mercedes doing the double once more, and whatever the odds are, they are still just odds, not outcomes.

BusyFormula #028: Is the signing of George Russell a confirmation of the end of...

Obviously, the curtain is closing on Lewis' F1 career, and Mercedes probably wants him to mentor their next world champion before his looming exit. Will Hamilton want to play the mentor role?