Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Best countries for first home buyers revealed, Australia ranked 27th

Getting into the property market is no easy feat, and according to research from Compare the Market, Australia is one of the worst countries to be a first home buyer. Placing 27th in a comparison of 35 OECD countries, Australia performed worse than New Zealand (19th) and other big players such as the United States (18th) and the United Kingdom (24th). 

The move to future-proof families and legacies on the African continent

Appetite for investment migration in markets beyond Southern Africa has been growing steadily over the past few years. Nigeria was the second-largest market (after South Africa) in terms of enquiries received by Henley & Partners in 2021, with growth of 15%. Three Northern African countries — Egypt, Morocco and Algeria — came in third, fourth and fifth, in terms of the number of enquiries last year, with respective growth of 25%, 19% and 33%.

C-suite executives have unhealthy password habits finds NordPass

Top business executives have equally unhealthy password habits as many internet users, according to new research by NordPass. While experts continuously urge companies to take cyber risks seriously, business owners, CEOs, and other C-suite executives continue typing “123456,” which, even after many warnings, remains the most popular password to date. 

BDO and AusCERT seek for gov’t counsel to avoid another pink batts

BDO and AusCERT say the gov'ts tech investment boost is a good first step to heighten the resilience of businesses. However, there is a need for guidance to avoid another ‘pink batts’ fiasco. The issue of questionable ‘pop-up’ providers is a reality, say the industry experts. As part of the 2022–23 Budget, the Australian Gov't announced it will support SMBs via the Small Business Technology Investment Boost and Small Business Skills and Training Boost.

88% of Aussie business leaders say bots make better sustainability calls

Australians are demanding more on corporate sustainability from businesses, but not all leaders are confident in the ability of their people to make the right call, instead putting their faith in bots to make decisions in key areas, according to a new study “No Planet B” by Oracle and Pamela Rucker, CIO Advisor and Instructor for Harvard Professional Development. The full No Planet B Global Study of over 11,000 consumers and business leaders across 15 countries, including 1,000 from Australia, found that most people are fed up with the lack of progress society is making towards sustainability and social initiatives, want businesses to turn talk into action, and believe tech can help businesses succeed where people have failed.  

Research shows conditions are right for a turbulent 2022 for employers

A new nationally representative survey of over 1000 Australian white-collar workers by talent optimisation software company, Compono and undertaken by YouGov, suggests that conditions are right for mass job changes with: 86% of Australia’s workforce indicating they would consider a new role in 2022. The dataset contains some key insights for employers looking to retain their workforce, and what the Aussie white-collar worker is concerned about in 2022.

Three out of four Australians believe their posture needs improvement

Upright by DarioHealth, a global company in connected posture management, conducted research in 2021 on Aussies' attitude towards their posture and found that 3/4 of Australians believe their posture needs improvement. The survey revealed that Australians have noticed a deterioration in their posture over the past two years, with 41% of participants reporting that they have experienced a back health issue as a result of working from home.

New Verizon study says focus on meeting less to accomplish more

Companies rethinking their operations and almost every aspect of their business due to the pandemic is not new. What is noteworthy is seeing how businesses are leveraging lessons learned to innovate and improve their operations to meet customer and employee demands. In a new white paper published this week with Boston Consulting Group, Verizon Business CEO, Tami Erwin, and Verizon Business CRO, Sampath Sowmyanarayan, break down how something as simple as altering the way meetings are conducted can impact productivity, while providing insight, tips, and best practices from an extensive in-house experiment.

Local eateries hit hard as employees plan to cut lunch outings by 50%

UserTesting (NYSE: USER), a video-based human insight company, conducted a survey to study the effects of the rising costs of lunch items due to inflation, which is being called Lunchflation, on Australian employees as they plan their return to the workplace. 85% of respondents believe lunchflation to be a serious concern as prices of food items are continuing to rise. The sharp increase in the prices of popular lunch choices like sandwiches, tacos, salads, coffee, etc. has altered the preferences of Australian employees.

Forescout’s Vedere Labs reveals first proof-of-concept of IoT ransomware

Forescout’s Vedere Labs launched research titled R4IoT (Ransomware for IoT), a proof-of-concept study showing how ransomware can exploit IoT devices for access and lateral movement to IT and OT assets, with the intention to cause disruption to business operations.