Sunday, September 25, 2022

Who Let The Doc Out?! #019: 7 easy ways to manage heartburn at home

Although many people use medication to control reflux symptoms, sometimes the answer to the resolution of your heartburn is available right in your kitchen pantry.

Who Let The Doc Out?! #018: What your poop says about your health

Pooping is one of those things that everyone does, but no one really wants to talk about. However, more of us should be talking about it, because your poop can tell you and your doctor a whole lot about your health, from the number of times you poop, to the way your poop looks in the toilet.

Who Let The Doc Out?! #017: COVID-19 variants and vaccines

While a lot of the information about the signs and symptoms, management, and recovery process of COVID-19 has remained more or less unchanged over the past two years, new questions are arising regarding the new coronavirus variants and vaccination as a preventative measure.