Sunday, July 3, 2022

Who Let The Doc Out?! #018: What your poop says about your health

Pooping is one of those things that everyone does, but no one really wants to talk about. However, more of us should be talking about it, because your poop can tell you and your doctor a whole lot about your health, from the number of times you poop, to the way your poop looks in the toilet.

BusyFormula #040: Why Monaco and Baku could end Mercedes’ hopes

Last season, Mercedes had started looking invincible after their Barcelona masterclass. But the Monaco Grand Prix followed, triggering a string of five races where Mercedes had no win while Red Bull pulled away in the championship standings. Monaco and Baku are two races that were particularly tough as they struggled. With that in mind, it’s not far-fetched that these two races and others on similar tracks could kill Mercedes’ championship hopes. Why?

Who Let The Doc Out?! #019: 7 easy ways to manage heartburn at home

Although many people use medication to control reflux symptoms, sometimes the answer to the resolution of your heartburn is available right in your kitchen pantry.

BusyFormula #041: 2022 vs. 2021-What’s missing in the fight at the top?

In the 2021 season, we had a thrilling title battle, with wheel-to-wheel action starting as early as the first season in Bahrain. And while this season’s opener in Bahrain had glimpses of similar vibes, the title battle no longer feels the same. Red Bull won its sixth consecutive race at the Canadian Grand Prix and it’s looking like Ferrari wasn’t ready for the challenge.

Who Let The Doc Out?! #020: What you need to know about calories, energy...

Many people attach a negative connotation to calories, automatically correlating them with excess weight gain, but they are in fact extremely important for the normal functioning of the human body.

Who Let The Doc Out?! #021: Which STD tests should you get, and how...

STDs occur quite frequently among sexually active people. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, over one million STDs are contracted every day worldwide. However, most STDs present with no or mild signs and symptoms.

Who Let The Doc Out?! #022: Here are 5 things that medical TV shows...

Medical dramas have become something of a nightmare for many medical professionals. They are often fraught with blatant inaccuracies which dramatically alter patient expectations, a phenomenon physicians are calling The Grey’s Anatomy Effect.

Who Let The Doc Out?! #023: Here are 4 things that medical TV shows...

Many of these shows have come under fire for their unrealistic portrayals of the goings-on of hospitals and the people who work in them, forgoing accuracy in favor of drama. However, there are a few things that they do get right, according to medical professionals.

BusyFormula #035: The innovation race that is shaping Formula One

It was the aftermath of the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. Max Verstappen had finished in P1, 35.7 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton in 2nd place. And while the Orange army was elated that things were going their way, the more neutral fans of the sport were slightly disillusioned. Had we just traded one team’s dominance for another? 

BusyFormula #036: How new changes are affecting intra-team battles

Last season, we saw a tense drivers’ championship that had Mercedes and Red Bull resolute in prioritizing one driver over another. Team orders were given on several occasions, and the number two drivers in both teams quickly settled into their roles. However, this season comes with changes that could make this kind of strategy much trickier to implement.