Sunday, March 26, 2023

Who Let The Doc Out?! #024: What to know about blood donation

The first successful blood transfusion happened in 1665, in England. Physician Richard Lower saved dogs’ lives by transfusing blood from other dogs. In 1818, James Blundell performed the first successful human blood transfusion to treat postpartum haemorrhage. Since then, blood transfusion is a mainstay in medical practice, going on to save billions of lives.

BusyMarkets Kampala #006: Total Energies cleared by French court

On the bright side, the French court cleared Total Energies on pipeline, Tilenga for any wrong doings. Total energies are the lead developers in The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) and Tilenga Oil Project. It was alleged that Total Energies was displacing people from their land without sufficient compensation and drilling on a natural park with endangered species.

BusyMarkets Kampala #005: Inflation outlook stronger in short & long term

The UGX traded stronger this week supported by low appetite for dollars from importers and interbank market. Also mid-month statutory obligations settled in Uganda Shillings, play in favor of the local currency. Inflation is expected to continue declining to 5% target by end of 2023 but for now it’s into double digits 10.2% especially core inflation (Food and Energy).

BusyMarkets Kampala #004: Govt sweet tooth for domestic borrowing

The Ugandan shilling was slightly stronger due to limited demand for dollars from importers and interbank market. In addition, owing the commencement of oil exploration in Western Uganda at the Kingfisher oil well, the outlook is for a stronger shilling in the long run. I predict that dollar will cost Ugx 3400 by half year. With energy prices slightly subduing in Uganda It’s likely that inflation will unlock single digits sooner than later. Uganda’s central bank on Wednesday asked investors holding Treasury bonds due to mature in April to apply to convert their holdings into longer tenures to come due between May 2025 and August 2042.

BusyMarkets Kampala #003: A look at Uganda’s murky investment sector

The Ugandan shilling little changed this supported by slight appetite for dollars from importers and the interbank market. The outlook is for a stronger shilling next week. The news of oil exploration starting very soon didn’t seem to faze investors, this could be because the first proceeds are to servicing the growing public debt. Uganda’s debt has risen to 53% of Gross Domestic Product, beyond the debt ceiling as required by the International Monetary Fund.

BusyFormula #044: These are the top 10 businessmen in the world of F1

Formula 1 is one of the most lucrative sports across the globe generating approximately $230 million every Grand Prix which is well over the amount generated by other profitable single sports events. The sport generates most of its revenue through sponsorship, broadcast fees, circuit and ticket revenue and corporate hospitality. But behind the fame and buzz of the sport are some incredible businessmen who keep the F1 circus lucrative.

BusyMarkets Kampala #002: Inflation outlook hazy despite good harvest

The Ugandan shilling was slightly weaker as predicted amidst thin activity from the demand and supply side in the interbank market. But traders had small demand for the pegged currency as they placed orders for goods overseas to kick on 2023 calendar/business year. Now trading in ranges of 3725/3735. The outlook reflects a stable or stronger shilling this week because of mid-month tax obligations for most formal sector establishments and corporate governed entities. Inflation has finally peaked due to the good govt innervations of raising the rates with which commercial banks would borrow from the central bank (CBR).

BusyMarkets Kampala #001: The financial outlook of Uganda in 2023

The Ugandan Shilling further strengthened against the dollar due to increased inflows from offshores and charity firms. There was limited demand for the dollar hence weakening the dollar. The USD/UGX exchange rate is likely to hold steady this week in ranges 3722/3732. That’s an 80 shilling depreciation when compared to last week when it averaged ranges of 3640/3650. Uganda being one of the African countries that exports both skilled and semi-skilled labour force out to the Middle East countries like UAE, Oman and Qatar, end of year foreign direct payments effected in dollars means enough is in circulation for the Ugandan economy. This in turn strengthened the local currency last week however was short lived.

BusyFormula #043: Suzuka is Mercedes’ best shot at a race win

After eight consecutive constructors’ titles with the only driver who’s won a race in each of his seasons, it’s no surprise that many expect Mercedes to win at least one race this season. And as we saw at Zandvoort, Mercedes came really close to winning before a strategy dilemma took the win away from them. As we get closer to the end of the season, one question becomes louder. At which track will Mercedes get their first win of the season? Personally, I think their best chance is at Suzuka.

BusyFormula #042: Why Mercedes might just edge the constructors’ log

We are now halfway into the season, and Mercedes sits third in the constructors’ championship log, trailing Ferrari by 66 points. And while it may seem like a long shot for Mercedes to finish ahead of Ferrari, it just might happen. Yes, Ferrari’s reliability is quite poor this season, but Red Bull is also struggling in this area. So as the title race heats up in the second half of the season, expect teams to run their engines higher and wear them faster, especially with all the upcoming power-hungry circuits.