Saturday, April 17, 2021

Batch brewing launches equity crowd fund surpassing AU$1.1m in funding

Batch Brewing Co launched its equity crowdfunding campaign with Equitise raising up to AU$1.5 million. With two breweries in Sydney plus distribution in venues and bottle shops, the company reached AU$1.1 million in funding from beer enthusiasts and keen investors

Minor Figures; The brand impacting coffee culture and milk for good

Minor Figures knows that milk can make or break a good cup of coffee. The Oat M*lk range has been created by drawing on their backgrounds in specialty coffee to produce a neutral, balanced flavour that knows how to compliment the roast profile of any coffee thrown its way. At the forefront of cold-brew innovation, Minor Figures was one of the first brands globally to introduce a nitro infused product to market in 2017

Program & scholarship for marketers to bridge the data literacy gap

Both the Program and the Scholarship are designed to train marketers with the MarTech skills businesses are crying out for data analytics, artificial intelligence technology, programmatic advertising, and the ability to leverage data insights. The Scholarship is designed to attract talented applicants looking to re-train from different fields to enter the marketing industry

Fitness marketplace Onekeelo launches, connecting consumers with personal trainers worldwide

This online platform is innovating the way people select their trainers, providing filters on the platform for people to select from, making finding the perfect trainer effortless. Onekeelo gives consumers the option to work out with trainers from all around the world, opening up time and price flexibility too.

Facilitating content creators’ diversification of revenue on the Facebook platform

We want them to have the tools and support they need to earn money and thrive, whether creating and sharing content is a primary business, one of many revenue streams, or a lifeline that’s kept their business afloat during the pandemic. Those efforts are making an impact. From 2019 to 2020, the number of content creators earning the equivalent of $10,000 USD per month grew 88% and content creators earning $1,000 per month grew 94%.

Magnite invests in new data centre in Singapore to support growing Asia Pacific business...

Magnite’s DV+ and CTV platforms in Singapore will standardise operations and provide maximum efficiency for buyers and publishers. The investment also allows Magnite to provide the robust technical capabilities necessary to support increased traffic.

Rocketing your startup with simple and savvy digital marketing strategies

You’ve gone through the creative process and you have a minimal viable product, so what is the next stage? In Go To Market, I go through steps for a business to take not only to save money but invest their digital marketing spending wisely and be profitable in the process
Three in four Australians' connection to local business is stronger than ever

Small Business Fandom: Three in four Australians say their connection to local business is...

The campaign is celebrating the resilience of more than two million Australian small businesses, by gifting five lucky business owners a share in $250,000 worth of outdoor billboard advertising space together with professional designed billboard creative.
facebook live camera

Video Content Marketing: How to boost growth using Facebook Live

Entrepreneurs promote their brands in different forms on the various social media platforms. These platforms have evolved and brought forth other features...
guerilla marketing strategy

4 effective tactics to include in your guerilla marketing strategy to increase brand awareness

If you’ve been at the helm of your online business for a while now, chances are you’ve run through all the conventional...