Thursday, January 20, 2022

Staff worries were skyrocketing for SMEs even before Omicron

Small and medium business owners were already struggling with staff issues in the second half of 2021, well before the January 2022 Omicron spike exacerbated their staff shortage woes, according to a national research by leading SME non-bank lender ScotPac.
5 steps to growing your business revenue - Insight from HashChing

5 steps to growing your business revenue – Insight from HashChing

As the economy takes a turn for the worse, many SMEs are understandably concerned about the impact that this will have on their revenue,...

Zoho transforms relationships between businesses and their data

Zoho’s BI Platform brings together pre-built, visual dashboards, comprehensive data integrations, data preparation, augmented and embedded BI, security and privacy capabilities, flexible deployment models (cloud or on-premise), and scalability.

Poly identifies six workplace personas and emerging trends in Australia

Poly has released new research which identifies six distinct personas found within the majority of Australian businesses. The six personas, which represent approximately 92% of employees within a typical enterprise, each have their own distinct character traits.

Australian business agility specialist EPiC Agile expands into America

EPiC Agile is expanding into the Americas after bringing seasoned industry veteran Ron Laudadio onboard to continue its track record of exponential growth and global expansion.

Mimecast research finds employee behaviour is leaving companies wide open to privacy incidents

Types of privacy incidents included emailing personal or confidential work information to the wrong recipient, falling victim to a malicious email that allowed unauthorised access to work systems or data and losing devices containing personal information.

BizFlix streaming launches to assist in the rise of entrepreneurship

BizFlix is a new streaming service where business owners can access unique, interactive content and a supportive community that will help them grow their business at a fraction of the cost of typically exorbitant business coaching and mentoring.

Flexible Workspace Australia launches ahead of a future of flex

Flexible Workspace Australia (FWA) launched as the first peak body for the coworking and flexible workspaces, in response to the growing demand for hybrid work environments.

What you need to know about podcast management platforms

A podcast is a sequence of spoken-word audio files that can be downloaded to a digital device and listened to on the go. Anyone can stream them, just like music. Podcasts have a host or hosts, and they engage in conversation that people can listen to.
68% of data available to businesses goes unleveraged - Seagate Report

68% of data available to businesses goes unleveraged – Seagate Report

The survey demonstrated that, along with other data management solutions, DataOps leads to measurably better business outcomes.