Thursday, January 20, 2022
Winning back lost customers and driving new loyalty - MultiChoice Uganda

Winning back lost customers and driving new loyalty – MultiChoice UG

A business’ offering to customers must provide value for money – customers are willing to spend only where they are assured of value for the money they are going to spend.

Cyber criminals target the rapidly expanding entertainment industry

Media and entertainment is a consumer-facing industry, so companies have to think about protecting their data and keeping users secure. Robust security measures are crucial for streaming platforms, gaming engines, consumer apps, and production itself.

10 ways that can help you improve your business with technology

Technology can greatly enhance your organisation’s success. Technology can be used to improve the efficiency of processes that you already have.

Oliver Trajcevski appointed as Lakeba Group’s Chief Investment Officer

Leading Australian-based global technology company Lakeba Group announced the appointment of Oliver Trajcevski as Chief Investment Officer and Executive Director.

Why collaborations with big business is a path to start-up success

Our goal is to provide maximum value to patients, surgeons and the hospital systems around the world through our 3D bone healing implants, but we recognise we can’t do that alone. In our case we need partners in biotech, manufacturing, research and elsewhere.

We Are Unity tells businesses to act now or risk being left behind

Culture consultancy We Are Unity has released new data designed to help businesses take action to ensure their organisations are not left behind as the workplace faces rapid changes.

Westpac introduces premature birth leave, enhances parental leave policy

Westpac announced enhancements to its parental leave policy to support employees. These enhancements include paid parental leave up to 16 weeks (up from 13) for primary carers, and the introduction of special paid parental leave for premature birth.

94% of employees are open to being headhunted. Here’s how to stand out

At FutureYou, we recently asked the question “Now or in the future, are you open to being headhunted?” to gain some insight into the interest of engaging with a headhunter.
Aussie organisations lost customers to poor communications in COVID-19

50% of Aussie organisations lost customers during COVID-19 due to poor communications

What this research makes clear is that digital transformation can no longer be a ‘nice to have’ for today’s businesses.

Everything you need to know about car expense reimbursement in Australia as an employer

You may be asked to prove that the reimbursement you’ve paid out for company vehicles is connected to your business and may need to pay fringe benefit tax (FBT), which is tax-deductible.