Friday, October 7, 2022

Sports streaming platform Screach secures $2m to launch internationally

The cloud-based Screach platform aggregates all live sports content available in the user’s home country into a single place. Enterprise venues such as bars, cafes, hotels and gyms access the content via the Screach smart TV app, which is already available in 157 countries.

New community-minded social media platform AppZaloot set to revitalise local businesses in Australia

Unlike many common social media platforms that are designed to provide generalised information, AppZaloot predominantly focuses on the need for localised information surrounding the user. The platform has information on venues, places or events within a user-specified area on a map, which allows users to find photos, reviews, open times, costs, directions and more.

Trailblazing Commercial Property Group pioneers advertising model

This new performance-based referral model is attractive because it gives commercial agencies the chance to avoid all upfront costs of lead generation. They are not paying for the advertisement itself.

Australian proptech platform Archistar raises $6M after record growth

Founded by Dr Benjamin Coorey, an Architect with a PhD in 3D generative building design, Archistar combines architectural design with artificial intelligence to inform decision-making. Used by Government, architects, planners, developers and agents, the software platform gives instant information on the highest and best use residential and commercial projects allowable on any development site in Australia based on local planning and zoning rules.

Porsche launches Porsche Park app giving owners contactless parking via Apple CarPlay in Australia

Porsche has launched a parking app that provides Australian owners with a contactless and convenient parking experience, directly from their vehicle. The Porsche Park app allows owners to open car park boom-gates and make payments via the in-car Porsche Communication Management (PCM) touchscreen, via Apple CarPlay.

Jabra launches intelligent camera line up for insight driven collaboration in the hybrid world

The Jabra PanaCast range has been engineered to help businesses navigate the flexible hybrid way of working, combining immersive vision and video, world-leading audio technologies and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to completely reinvent meetings and collaboration.

Hyundai partners with Snapchat to launch Augmented Reality experience for new Hyundai Kona

Hyundai has worked with Snapchat to launch an augmented reality (AR) Lens that will allow Snapchatters to explore the Hyundai Kona in the comfort of their own homes. As Snapchat is designed for self-expression and discovery, the platform perfectly aligns to Kona as the fun, small SUV.

Living life on the Edge: How IT pros can leverage 5G’s full potential

A network which promises additional revenue opportunities and increased efficiency to enterprises across the globe, 5G will unlock optimised operations and new opportunities for enterprises across many industries. However, with so much hyped promise, there’s understandably a bit of speculation. A key to unlocking 5G enterprise success? Edge computing.

Vonto announces new product integrations to support Australian booming startup and SMB community

Vonto analyses data from the platforms to translate any trends, anomalies and indicators into a simple dashboard, supported with 10 personalized insights that enable business owners to make quick and informed decisions.

New frontiers: Agricultural sector sets sights on space technologies

The Australian National University (ANU) study, Space-based technologies, opportunities for the rural sector, found that improvements to geo-location alone could benefit agriculture by $2.2 billion over a 30-year period, and satellite connectivity can add $15.6 billion to gross value of production across agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries each year.