Thursday, October 21, 2021

GBG and Simple KYC to help banks and fintechs in business verification

GBG, the global expert in digital identity, helping businesses prevent fraud and meet complex compliance requirements, has announced a partnership with Simple KYC to help financial institutions (FIs) further simplify, enhance and automate their Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) requirements, while meeting compliance needs.

Clipchamp partners with Pinterest to amplify video content creation and leverage native video pins...

Video can be so daunting, especially for small businesses, so being able to point to a platform like Clipchamp that allows you to create Pinterest specific content, in the correct specifications and post directly to Pinterest without having to leave the platform, that’s s a game changer!

John Foss launches Fancy Plants and invents a new food category

Fancy Plants is set to become the number one plant-based chilled snacking brand in Australia by 2021 and is projected to make $50 million in Australia and $100 million globally by 2024.

Universities must bring industry and venture capital onto campus to become more resilient

Universities must bring more corporations and venture capital investors onto campus and reduce their reliance on governments and overseas students for more resilient revenues.
Blending ‘business brains’ with ‘IT intelligence’ - GitHub

Bring developers into the fold: Blending ‘business brains’ with ‘IT intelligence’ – Insight from...

Driving organisation-wide collaboration, smashing any silos and adopting an innersourcing workflow will enable teams to deliver products and services more quickly than ever before.

Jabra launches intelligent camera line up for insight driven collaboration in the hybrid world

The Jabra PanaCast range has been engineered to help businesses navigate the flexible hybrid way of working, combining immersive vision and video, world-leading audio technologies and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to completely reinvent meetings and collaboration.

Rich Data Corporation secures $15 million to accelerate growth

Rich Data Corporation (RDC), an industry-leading AI credit risk management platform, has raised $15 million via a strongly supported and upsized funding round. The round introduced new investor BMY Group and other well-known technology high net worth investors.

Anoushka Gungadin joins pioneer AI coaching, GetMee as a Director

Experienced CEO, cross border executive, and international board director, Anoushka Gungadin has joined pioneering communication coaching business based on AI technology.
How an innovative startup is plating up life-changing texture modified food

Dining with dignity: How an innovative startup is plating up life-changing texture modified food

The range - which features 12 carefully curated chef-created meals - have been designed to be safe for people with dysphagia to swallow (IDDSI complaint) without compromising on flavour, health or convenience; offering a more sophisticated and enjoyable option for those requiring a texture modified diet.

Snap Inc. introduces next generation spectacles built for AR creators

Each generation of Spectacles has served as a building block in our journey with the creator community, and now the new Spectacles bring imagination to life in a natural way—with our eyes looking out at the world in front of us.