Monday, May 23, 2022

Puppet’s DevOps Salary Report finds APAC lags in high DevOps salaries

Puppet, a standard for infrastructure automation, revealed the findings of its 2021 DevOps Salary Report. Puppet surveyed over 2,600 tech experts globally and found that while there was significant growth in DevOps salaries, APAC lags behind in the highest salary brackets. 

Intelligent automation is the key to Aussies enjoying a 4-day work week

It sounds counterintuitive - work one day less but get the same amount of work done, or perhaps even more. But that’s exactly what the four-day work week movement proposes. When New Zealand's Perpetual Guardian tried a four day week, they counted improved staff morale and low stress levels as benefits without any loss of output. Microsoft Japan cited increased productivity and a 23% energy saving when they reduced working hours similarly.

How Talent X Brand found success despite recruitment frustration

Marnie’s entrepreneurial spirit and affection for disruption led her to build on the notorious Talent X Brand in January 2019 after finding great success in hiring over the past decade. Her company, Talent X Brand, which now operates at full capacity was founded out of a mutual frustration she and her consulting clients experienced with recruitment agencies. Through Talent X Marnie is calling out the industry for their weaknesses and offers  a solution to an outdated and broken system. This is talent acquisition to help companies and  employees find happiness together in ethical, fun, and rewarding workplaces. 

Research shows 4 out of 5 Aussies won’t return to the office full time

Four out of five workers in corporate Australia will not go back to full-time office work, new research has found, as work permanently becomes unshackled from physical spaces. 57% would even forego a pay increase or promotion to secure flexible work locations in the future, and half (53%) would even take a wage sacrifice to have more flexible work hours.

These are the challenges hindering a digital shift in Australia’s public sector

Australian businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, leading to increased digital transformation to keep up with changing consumer demands. Government agencies, in particular, across Australia and around the world have been forced into digital transformation to cater to the booming demand for online social services since the pandemic began.

Avoid penalties and interest: How to clear your ATO debt faster

The ATO has resumed its debt collection activities across the small business sector after a pause last year during lockdown. This means businesses need to really focus on clearing the debt as the ATO pursues harder collection measures. We are still going to see supply chain issues in 2022 however open international borders will bring some relief with a surge in sales and new business.

Online meeting behavior worsens as workers develop ZOOM fatigue

Pet peeves. We all have them. But mention the phrase and add in ‘ZOOM meeting’, and you’re sure to launch into a rant about online conferencing frustrations that you have had to endure over the past two years thanks to ZOOM calls becoming a norm of every work day. ZOOM fatigue is relatable. Many of us had to work from home during the first two years of the pandemic and many are still doing so, even as we move into the third year of COVID life.

Compono announces Peter Scott as its new Chief Product Officer

Talent optimisation software company Compono has announced Peter Scott, former Product Strategy Director at ELMO Software, as its new Chief Product Officer (CPO). A leader with over 17 years of experience in shaping product strategies that help ambitious fast-growth businesses succeed, Scott is an expert in building products to optimise the talent that is hired, developed and retained within organisations.  

Microsoft releases research and tech to make hybrid work model work

Microsoft Corporation released its second annual Work Trend Index research report, “Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work Work.” The company (Microsoft) also announced new features across Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Surface Hub and Microsoft Viva to empower hybrid work and address employees’ new expectations for the workplace. After sitting on the cusp of hybrid work for more than a year, many companies are at a long-awaited inflection point: the lived experience of hybrid work.

One in three Aussie firms believes hybrid workers should be paid less

Poly, released new research which highlights the key benefits and pain points of remote and hybrid working for businesses. The research showed that despite 72% of organisations seeing an increase in productivity as a result of hybrid working, 74% believe that the increase in home working due to the pandemic has made fostering work culture harder than ever.