Sunday, September 25, 2022

5 ways how businesses can support working parents during COVID-19

With kids at home, parents are being faced with the challenge of looking after children while working - which can feel like two full time jobs!

Research: 74% of Aussie workers say employers aren’t doing enough to alert them to...

Access to accurate, timely and trustworthy information is essential to the mobilisation of people when a critical event happens

Why being more human in your management is the key to improving your bottom...

The world of work seems to be spinning out of control right now. The usual way managers deal with this is to jump straight in, think short term and react, rather than sitting, reflecting, planning and then implementing.

New data: 71% spike in webinars, live streams and video conferencing

New data reveals a 71 per cent spike in webinars, event live streams and video conferencing among organisations looking to attract sales and retain customers in the COVID-19 climate

Are your staff still motivated? How to keep teams driven during COVID-19

Although it’s an uncertain time for many businesses, leaders have a responsibility to guide their employees through this time.

How food businesses can keep staff and customers safe from COVID-19

In times of increased pressure on businesses within food and packaging supply chains, it is imperative that correct hygiene, sanitisation, and pre-operating procedures are strictly adhered to.

A quarter of workers feel their colleagues are slacking off when working remotely –...

According to the research, which surveyed working Australians on their attitudes towards remote working before the public health crisis hit, one in four Australian workers believed their colleagues were ‘slacking off’ when working remotely.

8 tips for organisations on how to support the health and wellness of their...

Organisations need to prioritise the health and wellness of their employees during this challenging time. In a time of crisis, an organisation’s people are its most important asset.

5 tips on how to lead your employees effectively during the COVID-19 crisis

Although it is an uncertain time for many businesses, leaders have a responsibility to guide their employees through the crisis with authenticity, resilience and a vision for the future.
workforce management technology

5 ways workforce management technology is helping employers deal with disruption during COVID-19

Businesses are finding innovative ways to use their workforce management technology to help deal with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.