Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Paul Bott, Managing Director at Specsavers

Specsavers recognised for the first time on Australia’s Best Workplaces List by Great Place...

Specsavers announced that it has been named as one of Australia’s Best Workplaces™ for 2023 by Great Place To Work®, the global authority on workplace culture. Specsavers was ranked 8th in the Best Workplaces in Australia list in the large (1,000+ employees) category. This recognition not only acknowledges Specsavers commitment to delivering exceptional eye and hearing care to Aussies, but also highlights its dedication to fostering a positive, inclusive, and vibrant work environment where all our employees can flourish and thrive.

Deel launches new alliances to help manage users across multiple apps

Deel, the world-renown human resources company, has announced its latest partnerships with Brex, Ramp, CultureAmp, ChartHop, and more to enable seamless user management across customer’s tech stack. Deel platform users can now sync worker details, including name, email, department, and location, from Deel HR to other applications in minutes.

Aussie workplaces could see a surge in sick days, TELUS Health reveals

Australian workplaces could be about to see a rise in absenteeism as nearly one in seven workers report a decline in their physical health or having significant physical health challenges, according to the latest TELUS Mental Health Index (MHI) from world-renown healthcare leader TELUS Health. The research findings come following a period where physical health problems and preventative care took a backseat due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Job cuts across the tech industry rise by 40% from 2022, AltIndex reveals

Although the global tech industry saw a shocking number of job cuts in 2022, this year has been much worse. The ongoing massive wave of layoffs has shut down hundreds of thousands of workplaces, turning 2023 into the worst year the tech industry has ever seen. According to recent research data presented by AltIndex, tech companies across the globe laid off more than 226,000 employees year-to-date, almost 40% more than in 2022.
Breaking the wellbeing washing cycle: How to increase productivity

Breaking the wellbeing washing cycle: Building the right strategy to increase productivity across your...

Health and wellness trends over the past few years have driven positive shifts in creating healthy dialogue and an appreciation of better work-life balance. But despite this movement, businesses are still failing to hold themselves accountable for providing better support to their employees. Absenteeism and plummeting workforce morale is often lumped into a bucket of negative stereotypes that embellish a ‘lazy’ and ‘me time’ label on the workforce.
Christina Foxwell, Founder and CEO of Ignite Purpose

Australian-founded performance improvement consultancy Ignite Purpose launches in South Africa

Founded by Christina Foxwell more than a decade ago, Ignite Purpose is one of Australia’s most successful performance improvement, coaching, training and consulting businesses with customers nationwide. After successfully expanding into Canada and the United Kingdom earlier this year, this past week Ignite Purpose officially opened its doors in South Africa.

US tech workers have been integral for Australia’s fast-growing tech sector

A new report launched by the Tech Council of Australia (TCA), Microsoft and LinkedIn has shown the important contribution that investment by US tech companies make in Australia’s thriving tech ecosystem. The report - titled 'Harnessing the hidden value: How US Tech workers boost the growth of Australia’s tech ecosystem' - was launched on Wednesday, with a keynote speech from Australia’s Ambassador to the US and former PM, Dr Kevin Rudd AC.

Australian businesses more resilient to major disruptions than the rest of the world, new...

New research by SAP SE has found Australian businesses are better set-up to be resilient than the rest of the world when it comes to major disruptions. Seven in ten (70%) of businesses in Australia say they have effective plans to respond quickly to incidents like severe weather, geopolitical conflicts, or cyberattacks, compared to 65% of global peers.
Micha Kaufman, founder, and CEO of Fiverr

Fiverr unveils new product line and next-level solutions to provide global enterprises with top...

Fiverr International Ltd. announced major product releases. This continues a more than a decade-long tradition of product innovation to provide talented individuals and professional agencies access to new opportunities and for businesses to access much-needed talent. These releases, on the heels of launches including Fiverr Enterprise, Fiverr Certified, and alliances with brands like Amazon Ads and Stripe, are a step function in Fiverr’s commitment to revolutionising how people work together in an ever-more connected world, where engaging talent is a business necessity. The firm believes in empowering their community by helping freelancers and businesses dream bigger and create incredible things together.
Getting your staff back into the office: Six tips employers can use

Getting your staff back into the office: Six powerful tips employers can utilise

With life returning to normal across the country, many staff are still reluctant to return to the office full time. Businesses are having to find ways of making the return transition easier. Businesses are grappling with the challenge of bringing staff back to the office. No one wants to end up on the front page of the paper over a return to the office dispute. Unfortunately it is happening for some firms including a major bank. The easiest way forward is to find the best pathway for both businesses and workers.