Friday, October 7, 2022

Fiverr launches new data service, Vertical, giving businesses access to specialists in all data...

Business owners will have access to skilled data professionals who freelance through Fiverr, providing access to in-demand skills on-tap for businesses of all sizes.

How the Australian co-working industry has changed in ten years

There have been a number of big trends and pivots within the co working industry that have come to the forefront, changing the way businesses and employees utilise co working and office spaces.

Organisations should invest in well being programs as employees are reluctant to return to...

Managers and HR leaders are getting on the front foot by reimbursing gym memberships, for example, allowing employees to leave work early for medical appointments and many have implemented flexible well being programs like those offered through Drake’s Wellness Hub.

Program & scholarship for marketers to bridge the data literacy gap

Both the Program and the Scholarship are designed to train marketers with the MarTech skills businesses are crying out for data analytics, artificial intelligence technology, programmatic advertising, and the ability to leverage data insights. The Scholarship is designed to attract talented applicants looking to re-train from different fields to enter the marketing industry

Simple guide on how to get prepped for a world after Job keeper

Implementing coaching and development programs to really invest in your employees now, will be the key to business success post-pandemic. When you start investing in your people, those people will have a mindset of gratitude, and the chances of them sticking around later vastly improve.

The gender disparity: COVID-19’s effect on women involvement in the tech startup space

As women, we’re always facing a bias from men, algorithms, and other women.

Survey reveals that soft skills are classified as critical as remote working practices settle...

Technical skills will remain important and continue to evolve however, with a significant shift toward hybrid working models, some soft skills have become nothing short of absolutely essential, such as communication and work ethic
Employment Hero raises $45 million to expand market share internationally

Employment Hero raises $45 million to fuel growth and expand market share internationally

Funds raised from the Series D will support Employment Hero’s continued growth in these markets and facilitate a significant push across Southeast Asia, reinforcing the company’s mission to make employment easier and more rewarding for every SME on the planet.
Corporate Social Responsibility and it's impact on employee engagement

What is Corporate Social Responsibility and how does it impact employee engagement

It is by outstandingly shouldering its corporate social responsibility that an organisation gains a lot for itself while benefiting the society and the environment.
Motivating employees in micro and small businesses - 4foodssakeeat

Simple ways to motivate employees in micro and small-sized businesses

Flexibility, skilling employees and great communication can be just what is needed.