Tuesday, July 5, 2022

GetMee tool created for diluting communication skills due to COVID

The first AI application technology tool in the World created solely for our diminishing communication skills has collected the support of over 100 investors in the first week, according to Founder and CEO of GetMee, Balendran Thavarajah.

Hub Australia’s Brisbane workspace site to become largest in Australia

Hub Australia will significantly expand the size of its flexible workspace site, Hub ANZAC Square, to make it their largest offering in the country accommodating up to 830 members.

Five signs to show that employees are not coping during lockdown

Last year, we all scrambled to get the pandemic induced lockdown right. We were on top of virtual socialising and connection through virtual lunchrooms and virtual drinks.

@WORKSPACES’ Jenny Folley offers 9 tips to nail your virtual sales pitch

Salespeople and business development managers who have built their career and reputation on building rapport with people across a table, virtual pitching is a whole new ball game.

JobAdder reports reveal return of employer demand and confidence

JobAdder, a recruitment solution that helps recruiters find and manage talent more effectively, has released the findings of its two quarterly reports; JobAdder Global Talent Acquisition Report: Q2 2021 and JobAdder Global Recruitment and Staffing Industry Report: Q2 2021.

Aussie businesses called on to take action against single-use plastic during the work waste...

Ambitious Australian eco-friendly start up Zero Co is calling on workplaces across the country to join their sustainability mission to end single-use plastic (SUP).

Icon Agency appoints director of communications and public relations

Integrated communications firm Icon Agency has announced the appointment of Fiona Forbes as the national Director of Communications and Public Relations.

Owner of 12 businesses’ tips on innovative ways to mentor staff

Training and upskilling staff has always been important to an organisation’s growth and an individual’s career progression, but more so now as businesses fight to remain open, bottom lines are suffering, more skills are needed, and top talent is at a shortage.

Jarrod McGrath launches new book to give businesses roadmap for a modern digital workforce

Global human capital management (HCM) consultancy, Smart WFM announced the launch of company founder and CEO Jarrod McGrath’s book, The Digital Workforce 2nd Edition.

Australians concerned about job and income security due to lockdown

A survey by people2people has revealed that due to the current lockdowns, 1 in 5 employees have been asked to reduce their hours and/or take unpaid leave, and that over a third of Australian employees are worried about their job security and future job search prospects.