Sunday, August 14, 2022

Disruptors Co and SIRA are making mental health recovery at work, work

Grant funding of up to $50,000 plus business and industry support and mentoring available for mentally healthy workplace innovations

Research shows 4 out of 5 Aussies won’t return to the office full time

Four out of five workers in corporate Australia will not go back to full-time office work, new research has found, as work permanently becomes unshackled from physical spaces. 57% would even forego a pay increase or promotion to secure flexible work locations in the future, and half (53%) would even take a wage sacrifice to have more flexible work hours.

Hybrid work is here to stay: Illawarra and other commuter regions set to harness...

The research has found that about 11,900 Illawarra residents could work from home an additional 1.3 days per week in the future if they were enabled to do so. The research also confirms that the adoption of remote working practices is not just a temporary phenomenon.

We Are Unity tells businesses to act now or risk being left behind

Culture consultancy We Are Unity has released new data designed to help businesses take action to ensure their organisations are not left behind as the workplace faces rapid changes.

8 tips for organisations on how to support the health and wellness of their...

Organisations need to prioritise the health and wellness of their employees during this challenging time. In a time of crisis, an organisation’s people are its most important asset.
How to know when it’s time to hire your first employee - Invoice2go

Taking that exciting next step: How to know when it’s time to hire your...

By carefully planning and forecasting the upcoming months, asking yourself some crucial questions and answering them honestly and candidly, you’ll be able to assess the situation and hit the ground running, no matter what the coming months hold. grows in Australia as organisations embrace its Work OS

0, a work OS, where organisations of any size can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work, has shared that since launching in Australia it has grown its customers by 53 % and seen 300% YoY revenue growth locally. Their unique low-code no-code technology is enabling more organisations to achieve their business goals by creating a unified workspace. They acquired thousands of new customers since launching, including Destination NSW, Ray White, RMIT Online and Energy Australia.

SMB optimism remains high despite skills challenges impacting digitization

A new study by SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) has found 84% of SMBs in Australia are confident in their growth over the next 12 months despite workforce volatility, including the Great Resignation, having directly impacted the digital transformation plans of 89% of SMBs. 
The office space is dead. All hail the office space - A glimpse of the future

The office space is dead, all hail the office space! What will the workspace...

We now can’t sit beside each other in tight spaces and the density that so many offices have been built on is now being thrown into turmoil.

How the Australian co-working industry has changed in ten years

There have been a number of big trends and pivots within the co working industry that have come to the forefront, changing the way businesses and employees utilise co working and office spaces.