Monday, January 17, 2022

94% of employees are open to being headhunted. Here’s how to stand out

At FutureYou, we recently asked the question “Now or in the future, are you open to being headhunted?” to gain some insight into the interest of engaging with a headhunter.

Interactions with HR positively impact a firm’s reputation as a place to work

A new first-of-its-kind study by ADP Research Institute (ADPRI) shows that having even a single point of contact with HR positively influences an employee's overall experience. A survey of 32,000 respondents found that when employees have a designated HR contact, they were twice as likely to value their company, and five times as likely to recommend their company as a place to work, compared to those who have no direct HR contact.

Three approaches to support front line workers within a hybrid work world

Front line workers need flexible solutions to support their unique work and the right knowledge in order to execute some ground decisions, especially for the hybrid world.

The great leadership debt that is affecting businesses across Australia

Too many of our leaders are avoiding confrontation and direct communication with their employees and are thus causing a massive leadership vacuum in corporate Australia. Professional corporate coach Travis Thomas expounded that this leadership debt is greatly restricting Australian businesses and hampering the next generation of leaders.

Australian businesses need to adapt as employees’ demands are shifting

Australian organizations are being challenged to introduce greater autonomy for their employees–with a disconnect between people’s current and ideal working environments–as they navigate the new world of work post-COVID-19 via The Access Group.

Award winning auctioneer offers qualities exhibited by good leaders

Steve Jobs talks about ‘innovation’ being at the core of leadership, plenty of others talk about forging paths, leading from behind, and there is generally a list of 5-10 qualities that a leader must possess such as courage, decisiveness, ambition, optimistic and being observant.

Young women are being left behind in progress towards financial equality

Financial outcomes for women have improved nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic but Generation Z is at risk of being left behind, the latest Financy Women’s Index (FWX) shows.

Australian digital advertising industry job vacancy rates more than doubled

The Industry Talent Report noted that this surge was driven by a combination of factors like strong market growth, changes in visa rules, a lack of new talent entering the market due to border restrictions and the entry of multi national companies into the Australian market.

Australia’s top digital gifting platform hires new Chief Customer Officer

Prezzee has appointed Deanne Keetelaar to a new role of Chief Customer Officer in late 2021. Deanne is joining Prezzee following four and a half years of successful service at Australia Post, where she has been their General Manager of Identity, Payments and Financial Services.

Experian is prioritising diversity and inclusion during the global pandemic

Diversity and inclusion is an essential strategic focus within our model. We recognize the role that it plays in building the organisation’s culture that helps us attract and retain top talent.